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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - OTC Edition

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    I just picked up an OTC Falcon and it's missing pretty much everything; interior floors, landing ramp, cockpit with the glass, etc. The electronics work as do the landing gear. Any idea where you can find replacement pieces, aside from ebay? I've looked and all I see are pieces for either the original Falcon or from other series. Will they fit or was this an original mold? I'm new to Star Wars (even though I'm 35) so I'm not really sure about this stuff.
    This Falcon is based on the POTF2 mold which was based on the Vintage mold. This update fixed some of the issues those models had including the cockpit access, landing ramp struts and radar dish falling off. So it depends on what parts are missing as far as what you can replace them with. Photo Archive

    The photo archive has some more information on the vehicle. Hope that helps.

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    I was able to pick up an AFA 85 Slave 1 for $80. It displays so nicely.

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    Today, received votc Vader from fellow scummer.

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    Got a Bespin Leia and Lando General in a trade. Great looking figures. Really happy to have a Leia to go with Han Bespin now.

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    Crazy question time

    I'm trying to locate a Slave Leia but on the starburst canadian card. I can't find a lot of info about it, and can't find any for sale, the last one that came up went for silly money.

    Can anyone shed light on this..
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    Got IG-88 and 2 TIE Pilots. Never collected the OTC figures when they were out but all in all I'm really pleased with the figures from this line. Seems to be an all around great line. Really goes with my preferred level of articulation. I had VOTC IG-88 mold and even though this one lackes the joints that one had, I prefer this one. He's easier to stand up. I especially don't miss his leg wires getting disconnected.

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    picked up General Dodonna and Captain Antilles for some custom work as well as a few General Madine's
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    My dealer is having a summer sale on figures and he lso put out a few "leftover" odd pieces that he has. I picked up the Jedi Council Cinema Scene with Shaak Ti.
    I was never really interested in them, but for 20 Euros, I figured I could use he femal bodies for something and the chairs are nice accessories.
    #1 want: Admiral Piett (3.75" TVC line)

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    Picked up rabe at my local flea market with some Christmas money. Glad to add her to my collection.

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    My previous VOTC Darth Vader was damaged, but because I still prefer it to the '500th Figure' version, I ordered a new used one. Where the old one has a damaged leg, something about the new one's head doesn't look quite right? Definitely prefer it to the famous '500th Figure' mold a bit.

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