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Thread: My freakishly gold C-3PO

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    Re: My freakishly gold C-3PO

    I also have an extremely gold 3PO. I found it in a dealer bin at a toy show in Toronto, Canada. The legs had fused together, and when I pointed it out to the guy, I told him they were glued.

    When he couldn't loosen them himself, he gave it to me for $2 Canadian.

    It took me about 20 minutes in the car, but I managed to loosen them up. I now have one extremely mint with tight limbs, extremely gold loose 3PO. I'll see if I can take a pic of mine too.


    *EDIT* Never mind. It's darker than most, but not as dark as Bill's. Still super mint though.

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    Re: My freakishly gold C-3PO

    Hey Bill,

    Sorry for starting the other thread, I couldn't find this one.

    Let's lock off the other one and reference it here: Really Golden C3PO

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