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Thread: Your New Acquisitions

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    Quote Originally Posted by coachvader View Post
    Received in the mail today: su lama pin a trade from a fellow scummer. Happy to add her to my Star Wars display room
    Sweet! Let's see a photo of the room

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    Purchased a saga x-wing from a fellow scummer. I had the power f/x x-wing before and sold it. This will be my first "real" big x-wing. I just gotta figure out how to remove the excessive black on the engines. Can't wait!

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    Bought some ebay figures that i didn't have...
    Watto from AOTC
    SP-4 and JN-66 two pack
    Ashla and Jempa two pack
    Jedi Council 3 pack (Yaddle, Depa Billaba, Yarael Poof)

    excited for their arrival and to add them to my display

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    Picked up... boy bobba Fett, r3-t7, wat tambor, adi gallia Jedi council, and even piell Jedi council meeting at my local flea market with some Christmas money. Glad to add her to my collection.

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    Picked up a loose Dexter Jettster from a vintage toy store that I went to today. I have been wanting to visit for a long time. Can cross that one of my list of needs

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    Got a Saga Red Leader's X-Wing today. It's missing the wings, so it's really just fodder but it was thrown in for free on a deal so I can't complain. The figure was included with it and while he's obviously poorly articulated and has an iffy likeness (at best) to Drewe Henley, he'll serve just fine as an "extra" pilot sitting in a ship.
    Modern versions of vintage Return of the Jedi figures: 17/17; 8/14

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    Picked up the green A-wing loose off ebay, complete with the pilot as well. Great condition. A little peeved as the next day I saw one at a local collectible shop, new in box for $10 cheaper. Still, happy to have it displayed with Green Leader's A-wing.

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