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Thread: Your New Acquisitions

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    Quote Originally Posted by coachvader View Post
    Received in the mail today: su lama pin a trade from a fellow scummer. Happy to add her to my Star Wars display room
    Sweet! Let's see a photo of the room

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    Purchased a saga x-wing from a fellow scummer. I had the power f/x x-wing before and sold it. This will be my first "real" big x-wing. I just gotta figure out how to remove the excessive black on the engines. Can't wait!

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    Bought some ebay figures that i didn't have...
    Watto from AOTC
    SP-4 and JN-66 two pack
    Ashla and Jempa two pack
    Jedi Council 3 pack (Yaddle, Depa Billaba, Yarael Poof)

    excited for their arrival and to add them to my display

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    Picked up... boy bobba Fett, r3-t7, wat tambor, adi gallia Jedi council, and even piell Jedi council meeting at my local flea market with some Christmas money. Glad to add her to my collection.

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    Picked up a loose Dexter Jettster from a vintage toy store that I went to today. I have been wanting to visit for a long time. Can cross that one of my list of needs

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