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Thread: Your New Acquisitions

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    Your New Acquisitions

    Here you can post all recent acquisitions...

    NON SW is alsoi allowed, but only if it is something "special", not like "Groceries" [IMG]images/icons/tongue.gif[/IMG]

    Enjoy this topic [IMG]images/icons/grin.gif[/IMG]

    PS: Good luck with the hunts... [IMG]images/icons/wink.gif[/IMG]
    PPS: it might be handy for other people that you state where you got it, and how much you paid for it [IMG]images/icons/smile.gif[/IMG] (just guideline, no rule)

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    Re: Your New Acquisitions

    my Newest finds are from my London Holiday


    # Anakin Skywalker -- Secret Ceremony (6.99 - 10.50)
    # Padme Amidala -- Secret Ceremony (6.99 - 10.50)

    # The Star Wars Trilogy (recent release, original stories) (9.99 - 15)
    # Shadows Of The Empire (6.99 - 10.50)
    # Show-Guide Les Miserables (3 - 4.50)

    # The Original Les Miserables Recording (3 CD-set) (30 - 45)

    and from After my trip
    # Star Wars Fact Files 74 - 77
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    Re: Your New Acquisitions

    Good idea for a thread! I've recently bought:

    SW 3 3/4 (AU$13 each)
    -TRD Luke
    -Boba (Grey jumpsuit)

    SW Unleashed (AU$35 each)
    -Darth Sidious

    LOTR 6"figs (AU$16 each)
    -Boromir (single red carded)
    -Helm's Deep Gimli (single red carded)
    -Gandalf the "really" White variant

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    Re: Your New Acquisitions

    Not a 'new' find, but the last Saga item I bought was the green electronic lightsaber which was the repainted Qui-Gon lightsaber from Episode I. I bought it for $9.98 at a Target clearance.

    As for recently released items, the last ones were the Clone Wars Jedi Army pack and Clonetroopers pack (w/ blue trooper).

    Til next report...
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    Re: Your New Acquisitions

    Ive done well recently
    My wife suprised me with

    TRD Luke
    Lightsaber throwing Vader
    Myknockhunt chewy
    df R2

    Then I found
    KB Imperial forces pack, (Odd story there for another thread)
    Saga Snowtrooper
    12er AT ST driver
    12er Lando Skiff
    12er Gamorean

    It was super cool sonce this all hapened in one day and it had been since January the last time I had bought any thing.

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    Re: Your New Acquisitions

    I have recieved some good finds lately myself.

    SW 3 3/4:
    Wat Tambor
    Amidala: Secret Ceremony
    Darth Maul: Theed Hanger Duel

    Jedi Council #1
    War Room #1

    Ultimate Bounty Hunter Set
    KB Tie Fighter
    May The Force Be With You!

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    Re: Your New Acquisitions

    My newest Saga purchase was the 12 inch Gamorrean Guard several weeks ago now. In fact maybe 1.5 months ago.

    Clone Wars - Jedi Army and Blue Clonetrooper 3 pack last Saturday.
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    Re: Your New Acquisitions

    * Deluxe Destroyer Droid Launcher
    * Deluxe Battle Droid Army
    * Darth Vader(TRD)
    * Snowtrooper(TBOH)

    * Freddy's Dead
    * Hellraiser

    * Bag of Cracker Jacks
    * Bag of white cheddar pop corn
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    Re: Your New Acquisitions

    Recently I picked up:

    Jedi Council Scene#1
    War Room Scene #1

    Wat Tambor
    Luke Jedi
    Vader TRD
    Bounty Hunter 4-pk

    White Clone Trooper Mini-bust
    Clone Wars Gunship
    Clone Wars Starfighter
    Clone Wars White Clone 3-pk
    Clone Wars Green Clone 3-pk
    Clone Wars Jedi Army 3-pk
    Clone Wars Droid Army 3-pk
    Clone Wars Destroyer Droid launcher (what a piece of ****e)

    MOTU Evil Lyn
    MOTU Tri-Klops variant
    MOTU Buzz-Off

    McFarlane Sammy Sosa variant
    McFarlane Mike Sweeney

    I can't remember the last time I have picked up this many items inside of 30 days of each other. It's great for the collection, but horrible on the wallet. [IMG]images/icons/frown.gif[/IMG]

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    Re: Your New Acquisitions

    I have had a couple of decent things arrive and a couple of finds as well.


    Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter
    Darth Maul Theed Hanger Duel
    12" Yoda Ultimate Jedi Master
    12" Ewoks Battle of Endor
    Wave 3 of the Star Tours Droids

    T-850 Terminator with Coffin Still looking for the rest of this line though (part from the normal T-850)
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