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Thread: Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread

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    Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread

    Here is my TRADE FEEDBACK (my nicknames on the forums are: Sergiu, sergiurusu, jkno, jkno4u):

    Sergiu - feedback at Rebelscum

    Another_Galaxy/Short4astormtrooper: "The internet connects you with great people and creeps alike. sergiu is one of the greatest. From a trading standpoint, the friendly e-mails are alone worth working with him." 21/10/01
    Feedback from Another_Galaxy aka Short4astormtrooper

    Daigo_Bah: "Sergiu the Romanian - Great deal with our international friend! This is why collecting is fun- guys like Sergiu. Hepabrutha out, sell your stuff to Sergiu!" 23/10/01
    Feedback from Daigo_Bah

    james_the_hutt : "Darth Meskin, Darth Silver, Sergiu - I have had good deals with all of these guys. Do not hesitate to deal with them." 14/11/01
    Feedback from james_the_hutt

    007_Jedi: "I am sorry, I am a bonehead when it comes to feedback. So here goes. The following individuals are pillars of the Star Wars collecting community...Sergiu Rusu..." 14/12/01
    Feedback from 007_Jedi

    toyguy: "Sergiurusu, A++ trader!! - Sold an Alpha Royal Ship to Sergiu. Payment was sent immediately after agreed upon price. Very courteous and friendly. I look forward to further trading with him. Recommended SW trader!! toyguy" 19/11/02
    Feedback from toyguy

    Bosskmr/Bossk_MR: "Sergiu, always a pleasure - Second time selling Sergiu Star Wars Action Fleet and he always comes thru. Help this guy out if you get the chance" 11/02/03
    Feedback from Bossk_MR

    i_am_ed: "sergiurusu, from a continent far far away you can still get a deal done... - I sold him a MicroMachine playset, and I have to say, even though he lives on the other side of the world, he was prompt with payment, and everything went well. Thanks Sergiu. i am ed & i'm a LEGOholic." 08/10/03
    Feedback from i_am_ed

    KING: "Sergiu = Very Sweet deal!!!! - This guy is from across the sea and kicked but in hooking me up with an awesome, well packed, and full of goodies trade!!!!! This deal went awesome!!!!!!" 05/01/04
    Feedback from KING

    jerkytoys: "Sergiu R. great to deal with A++" 27/01/04
    Feedback from jerkytoys

    Chad McNeely: "Sergui is a great buyer. Patient and thankfully happy with hisstuff. Glad it allgot there ok. Will be happy to deal with again anytime. Chad" 07-02-2004
    Feedback from Chad McNeely

    Darth Wolf: "Thanks Sergiu, great buyer. great communication even through the long time difference. Just need to confirm ur address." 12-02-2004
    Feedback from Darth Wolf

    JediMasterGuff: "I have never traded in these forums before, so I was slightly nervous, but dealing with such a fast and pleasant trader helped me destroy that nervousness. Sergiu knew I wouldn't be able to send my package to him for a few days, but he was kind enough to send his to me straight away anyway. The package arrived in around 3 days - very fast for overseas. Fast, efficient, and a great trade! Excellent trustworthy dealer!" 19-04-2004
    Feedback from JediMasterGuff

    The rest of Rebelscum feedback replies can be seen further/lower in this thread:


    Daigo_Bah: "Mr. Rusu will send money out to anywhere in the world super fast to get your SW stuff! Help him out, he's an awesome collector and person! Thanks Sergiu!" 29/04/04

    Bossk_MR/Bossk the Wookiee Hunter: "Always a pleasure dealing with Sergiu. Highly recommended " 29/04/04

    Po_Dead Jawa: "Sergiu sold me some AWSOME Star Wars comics CD's. He even coordinated the transaction via Paypal and a friend of his in Canada, so I didn't have to monkey around w/ international money orders, international mail, etc. Great guy, Great Seller. Awsome Star Wars CD's. Take me 2 years to read them all, for only $16. RECOMMENDED, HIGHLY. E-mail me with questions. Po' Dead Jawa (Andrew Logan)" 25/06/04

    hasek3939: "i will also attest to the great jawa said, its going to take a long time to read all of these! also i have dealt with sergiu on a number of occasions and hes very patient and a great guy to deal with!!" 25/06/04

    Kris: "This guy ships faster then a greased lightning.. with high quality products .. great job mate!" 25/06/04

    Kentstarwars: "Sergiu is an excellent seller and great to do business with. Excellent timely communication, very polite and very resourceful. Thanks so much!" 03/07/04

    Darth_Cycy: "Sergiu is a great trader. Nuff said! He's been very kind and very nice and his comics CDs are state of the art. Been a pleasure, hope to have the chance to trade with him again soon.You rock, man!!! Peace, Cy" 06/07/04

    Jason_P_: "Finished a great deal with Sergiu. Awesome cd collection! Great communication and fast shipping. I'd deffinately do a deal again. Thanks!" 15/07/04

    toyguy: "What can I say that hasn't already been said. Super guy to trade with, and you probably end up with a new friend. He has a kindness that's infectious...toyguy" 30/07/04

    Another Galaxy/short4astormtrooper: "Ditto, Ditto, and, um, ditto again! Sergiu is not just a credit to these Forums, but a credit to the human race as a whole! Deserves a medal for "Outstanding Service in a Star wars Forum". Trade without reservation!!!!" 31/07/04

    Kentstarwars: "Sergiu is an wesome seller. very prompt, lightning fast shipping overseas and a fantastic CD collection which is a must have! A true asset to the community here at rebelscum" 14/08/04

    OTGTS: "Hands down,the best! Sergiu/jkno is a excellent trader/seller! Very prompt shipping. CD's arrived perfect! Thank you my friend!" 29/08/04

    3KX: "I concur. Sergiu is an awesome seller! Great communication and fast shipping. Everything arrived perfect. Hope deal with him again in the future. Thanks again!! P.S. Thanks for the postcard" 09/09/04

    Talon_Karrde: "yet another great trade w/ Sergiu, sergiurusu, jkno. cds showed up in great shape and excellent quality. Thanks Serg!" 30/09/04

    PhantomCollector: "Sergiu is definately top-notch! He sold me a bootleg at 'his cost', but there's no way he could have even broken even on the deal. The price was low, the bootleg was overprotected in it's packaging, and the shipping was FAST! If you're here checking on his reputation before making a trade, have NO WORRIES. Sergiu rates an A+ in my book!" 12/01/05

    DarthDave: "Please let me add to the testimonies to Sergiu's excellent trading etiquette and his complete reliability. A pleasure, as always, to deal with you, Sergiu! David" 13/01/05

    starfox: "Sergiu just bought some stuff from me all the way from Romania and paid fast and always in good communication! your stuff is going out tomorrow! thanks" 11/02/05
    Feedback from Starfox

    stylie_steve: "Thanks agian for another great deal. I look forward to more future trades!!" 06/05/05

    Jestermon1: "Quick Payment, Fantabulous Buyer" 03/07/05

    Bosskmr/Bossk_the_Wookiee_Hunter/Bossk_MR : "Not only did I have a great trade with Sergiu but he hooked me up with a few of his friends and we work out a huge deal. Thanks a ton. And as always Sergiu is a stand up guy who's trades/sales are always a pleasure. Highly Recommended" 09/11/05

    Jangodo: "I just completed a sale with Sergiu and everything went really well - great communication, fast payment, overall competence, and a pleasure to work with. It is people like Sergiu that make this such a rewarding hobby that crosses borders so easily and often. Thanks again, Sergiu, for a great deal and perhaps we can work again in the future! Multumesc!" 23/06/06

    MasterBlaster: "Just finished a trade with Sergiu and everything went fantastic.Awesome trade.Thank you." 11/07/06

    DyslexicOreo: "Great trade! Sergiu is a super nice guy, keeps up a good line of communication, and delivered a quality item quickly. I would love to trade with him again." 19/09/06

    PhantomShadow: "Great transaction with Sergiu for a bootleg. No problems and great to deal with. Thanks" 29/09/06

    spudmanski: "Very good deal with Sergiu. Really smooth transaction and great communication. Thanks" 30/09/06

    ieyasu00: "Made a trade with Sergiu, and it was an excellent transaction! Sergiu is a great communicator, a very prompt shipper, and makes sure the shipped items are well protected! Sergiu is highly recommended!!!! Thanks!" 20/10/06

    Mothman: "Sergiu is a genunine, friendly and honest guy. Was an absolute pleasure trading with you. I'm glad I was able to complete your collection and incredibly grateful for those Items I got from you. Cheers mate!!!" 03/11/06

    jedismack: "Thanks JNKO,Had a great trade with JNKO He got me some stuff that is something I would never have got if it was not for him.Thanks man." 26/11/06

    tarcanes92: "I traded a Star Wars item for some coins/bank notes. The whole trade was great! Great communication, packaging...everything. Thanks" 11/02/07

    Amanaman: "Sergiu is a first-class trader to deal with. Friendly and great communication." 31/07/07

    ieyasu00: "Had a recent trade with Sergiu, and everything turned out great. Sergiu always mails me items that are well packed and protected, and he's a real good communicator. I highly recommend Sergiu!!!!!!!!" 03/08/07

    Daigo_Bah: "Another great deal with the Transylvanian... er, I mean Romanian. Thanks, Segiu, and hope we can deal again soon!" 08/08/07

    StreetHowitzer: "Great Scummer, very easy to do business with. There were absolutely no problems. Would do business with again." 07/09/07

    wyldaxe: "Recently completed my first sale to Sergiu. If your looking for great communication and fast payment, this is your guy. Thank you very much Sergiu" 04/10/07

    jay_solo: "Sergiu is a wonderful scummer to deal with. He paid exactly how he said he would do with no hassles or complaints. Thanks for a great transaction my new Romanian friend" 23/10/07

    zhamlau: "easy to deal with, no hassels. Fast payment from romania! good trader." 17/11/07

    Ste_Jones: "Just had a very pleasurable deal with Sergiu. This guy is extremely friendly and we had great comms and general discussion throughout the deal. Highly recommended, and helped me work through some difficulties shipping a very large item to Romania. Thanks Ste" 20/11/07

    darthlumbar: "Great, honest treader, good communication... Thanks Sergiu!!!" 07/12/07

    mcmaul: "A most excellent exponent of the trading guild. Sergi is a real gent to deal with, and he packs stuff amazingly well. Thank you my good friend. Mcmaul" 20/12/07

    rizzo3232: "Very fast payment- Would deal with anytime. great guy" 09/01/08

    jay_solo: "Always a pleasure to do business with Sergiu. Thanks again my friend." 12/01/08

    Randy_S: "Just completed a transaction with Sergiu, very easy to deal with and an all-around great scummer! Don't hesistate to work with this guy!" 30/01/08

    getoninja: "just did a deal with Sergiu, sold him a 1/6 MG34, paid quick. great person to deal with, perfect transaction, thx!" 30/01/08

    PANTHER96: "can't said enough. smooth transaction fast pay. Excellent to deal with on all levels." 21/03/08

    dawmer299 : "Thanks Sergiu! Excellent communication! I would definatly deal with again." 18/04/08

    Obi1kenny: "Just finished a trade with Sergiu, and we had no problems at all. Good trade and thanks for all the fun my good man... Thankyaverymuch!" 03/05/08

    JadOnTV: "Thanks for a fast payment! Always a pleasure to deal with you!" 20/06/08

    PANTHER96: "Another smooth transaction.... Have no fear because Sergiu is here.." 21/06/08

    hermioodle: "Great deal!" 22/06/08

    Pepe_Le_Moko: "I recently completed a transaction with Sergiu; he's a wonderful person to deal with – fast payment and great communication. Buy/sell with confidence." 03/07/08

    Sarasotarockstar: "Sergiu bought an autograph from me. EXCELLENT transaction...he even sent me a photo from his trip to Tunisia. great guy!" 11/07/08

    Medusa: "Smooth trade! Thank you Segiu for doing business with me. Good communication and trustworthy buyer." 31/07/08

    forcesensitive: "I had a great trade with Sergiu. Really great and friendly person! Many thanks once again" 08/08/08

    CWGall: "I sold a Medicom Vader to Sergiu. Transaction went off without a hitch. Great guy to deal with. Even threw in a few extras for me. Thanks again, Sergiu" 09/08/08

    Master_M_M: "Good deal with Sergiu. Thanks, my friend!!!" 19/08/08

    _Lee_: "Excellent buyer. Sergiu is a true gentleman. Cheers. Lee" 26/08/08

    meat1980: "I just completed a trade with Sergiu and everything worked out perfectly. I had never traded with someone so far away before but it couldnt have gone any smoother. Thanks so much!" 25/11/08

    jedicouncil: "excellent speedy payment, nice guy to deal with. I would hesitate to deal with again. Thanks Sergiu" 02/12/08

    Guardian_Jedi_Knight: "Another Wonderful with Sergiu, Fast payment, Superb Communication and a Pleasure to deal with as always. Thank You Sergiu" 13/01/09

    Darth_Enigma: "I recently completed a transaction with Sergiu, and I was very please to do business with him and look forward to doing business with him in the future. (highly recommended AAAAA++++)" 28/03/09

    emotionalvampire: "Great guy to do business with. Payment received as promised" 09/08/09

    SalaciousCrumb: "What can I say? Sergiu is a class act. he bought a Code 3 AT-ST from me, and it was a smooth and easy transaction. Nobody should hesitate to deal with Sergiu." 19/08/09

    jaakub: "Great person to deal with. Everything went a okay. Jim" 25/08/09

    lordquigon: "Sergiu has been a pleasure to deal with. Friendly, informative and right on the ball! I'd gladly sell, or buy, from anytime! Thanks!" 20/11/09

    jediwatto: "I just completed my deal with Sergiu and I have to say it's been a great experience. Very easy to deal with friendly solid communication. Not to mention I learned a few shipping tricks along the way. Thumbs up for this Scummer! Thanks, jediwatto" 31/03/10

    JesseVader08: "Fantastic seller and great guy! I've purchased from him multiple times and will continue to do so in the future." 07/05/10

    Los_Gringo_Loco: "Great guy to deal with, highly recommended." 09/11/10

    Turbowars: "Hooked Sergiu with GG Tie bust and the transaction was perfect! Happy to help you out." 07/05/11

    MasterCollector: "Made a great deal with Sergiu,he shipped fast and item arrived in perfect shape! He helped me pick up a important piece that I was missing..thanks again" 02/09/11

    Tweekem: "This guy is a Hero... helped me out with a HTF MR Plaque to make my friends day... Thanks a ton Serg!!!Great scummer!" 02/09/11

    Sergiu - feedback at Jedidefender

    Talon Karrde: "Sergiu is great to deal with. 1st time trade and everything was smooth as glass. thanks" March 16, 2004

    Angry Ewok: "Sergiu recently mailed me some cool CD's out of pure kidness. What a great guy! " May 6, 2004

    DSJ: "I received some very cool CD's from Sergiu. As mentioned above, really cool stamps on the package. All around great guy & I look forward to more future transactions" May 7, 2004

    Jesse James: "I too received some CD's from Sergiu, and he's a great guy. He hasn't even gotten my payment yet and he's already leaving me good feedback! Can't ask for more than that! Lots of PM's sent, and contact is always a pleasure with him too. Good guy, great to deal with... Someone worth helping out anytime he can't find something over his way... Hope I can give him a hand sometime as thanks! " June 17, 2004

    Talon Karrde: " yet another great trade w/ Sergiu, sergiurusu, jkno. cds showed up in great shape and excellent quality. Thanks Serg!" September 30, 2004

    Sergiu - feedback at Sandtroopers

    Reconsgt: "Completed a deal with Sergiu. I am 100% satisfied with the way the whole deal went. Thanks a lot" August 27, 2004

    starfox: "Sergiu, our friend from the other side of the world, bought some items from me and paid super fast, especially based on the distance it went! enjoy my friend!" February 25, 2005

    wickedempire: "Give this trooper a big PLUS 1 as he's an A+ in my book!!!!!" 8 October 2006

    Reconsgt: "Add another +1 for Sergiu. We are working a deal to get him some US exclusives all went super smooth." 20 April 2007

    Reconsgt: "Add another one please, another great deal." 05 May 2007

    Rogue Jedi TJ: "Fantastic Deal and a Pleasure to deal with" 01 June 2007

    jedimasterc: "Some feedback for jkno.I got the payment for the black hole trooper.Thanks." 04 August 2007

    Force-Sensitive: "Great trade with my Romanian friend Thanks Sergiu, you are the man!!" 08 August 2008

    jokabofe: "Please add another +1 for Dracula, as I received a payment for a minibust pretty quick - thanks!!" August 11, 2008

    Sergiu - feedback at Thejawa

    Jerkytoys: "Great to deal with A++" January 26, 2004

    PeteWindu: "Man...we made a little trade of a few SW CDs and they arrived super quick all the way from Romania...with really cool stamps ont he package and everything!! jkno is the man!! Thanks! " April 20, 2004

    PeteWindu: "I got loads of comics on CD from jkno....2nd time trading and 2nd time all went smooth as can be! Thanks!" June 02, 2004

    Y-Wing Jagger: "I'll have your finest Romanian beer please... Thanks for the trade, LMK when you get your box of goodies." June 10, 2004

    Darth Dug: "Had a great trade with JKNO! It came in perfect condition!" June 19, 2004

    Chris@ thejawa: "Sergui hooked me up big time. Hes a class act and if ya have the chance to deal w/him, DO IT! Much thanks my friend!" 20 August 2004

    Y-Wing Jagger: "JKNO great trader !! Did my 2nd trade w/ Sergiu, great as allways... Thanks for the CD/DVD stuff, I hope Robie likes his figures !!! See you on the boards !!! -Dave" 28 August 2004

    dbowser: "Great transaction with JKNO - 10 great cd's - an excellent collection of hard to find items! Thanks" 07 September 2004

    obre: "jkno sent items promptly, great packaged and even added great bonus. A++." 11 November 2004

    blasto1: "jkno Great trader good quality Cd's Great to listen and look at! A Positive ++ Thanks!" 17 February 2005

    starfox: "Sergiu from transylvania bought some items from me and paid very quickly, even from the other side of the globe! glad you are happy with your items" February 25, 2005

    Sergiu - feedback at Sirstevesguide 1

    Sergiu - feedback at Sirstevesguide 2

    the emporer: "This trader is highly recommended!! Everything arrived in the USA from Romania in great shape and well packed. Thanks again, sergiurusu!" 01-28-2004

    SWAFMAN: "I also vouch for sergiurusu. Our dealings have been trouble-free, and he is both honorable and a true sci-fi enthusiast. I look forward to dealing with him again any time." 08-14-2006

    Kidhuman:"You're quite welcome. The deal went smooth as I got the final piece to my complete titanium collection from wave 1-al the repiant waves(I skipped most of them)" 01-05-2007

    Sergiu - feedback at Galactichunter

    Adam Solo: "I had a great transaction with jkno. He kept me updated with the status and everything went very well.Thank you" 06/09/04

    Sergiu - feedback at POTF2 1
    Sergiu - feedback at POTF2 2

    ohh ta goo ta solo: "My deal with Sergiu/jkno was perfect! I couldent ask for a better transaction. Very easy to work with & excellent communication! Cheers my friend!" 07/10/2004

    ds9619: "Just got the SW comics on CD from JKNO. Most impressed with the way this guy does business. Thanks a lot. Much reading to be done" 08/08/2004

    jedismack: "Received a freaking awsome package from JNKO full of Star Wars and Romania things AWSOME.Thanks alot my good friend The package was packed perfect.Can't wait til our next trade." 11/26/2006

    Darth Jaxx: "I received a totally cool and unexpected package in the mail today from JKNO!! Thank you Sergiu!! It still amazes me that I have made friends on here who I have never actually met, but are such good people that they send out gifts to other members "just because"." 11/21/2007

    Mazter_Jedi: "Big thanks to JKNO for hookin me up with some awesome CD's full of all kinds of cool stuff like movies, pictures and games!" 04/18/2008

    DeadJedi: "+1 for JKNO for the Wookiiee Bandoleer phone pocket. Well packed, sent fast. With 18% more love than the leading brand." 10/27/2009

    JesseVader08: "Another successful purchase, this time from jkno. Another cool Vader piece added to the museum." 12/02/2009

    Darth Jaxx: "And I must thank you, jkno, for a great new piece to my collection!" 12/12/2009

    Sergiu - feedback at Sideshow Freaks 1

    Sergiu - feedback at Sideshow Freaks 2

    amarcord: "+1 for jkno :-)" 06-03-2009

    Dorgmal Snow: "Top chap and a pleasure to do stuff for. I really enjoyed making it and will get cracking with your Imperial Gonk asap." 12-10-2009

    Sergiu - feedback at Snowtroopers

    Dark Knight: "Just completed a deal with jkno. Great guy to deal with. Thanks again Sergiu" January 12, 2005

    Sergiu - feedback at YodasNews

    wyldaxe: "Recently completed my first sale to Sergiu. If your looking for great communication and fast payment, this is your guy. I would not hesitate to work with Sergiu again. Thank you very much." Wed Oct 03, 2007

    Sergiu - feedback at Star Wars Action News

    Darth Bugga: "Bought a bootleg 3PO from Sergui. It arrived really quickly and well-packed with some extras thrown in. What a deal! I heartily recommend dealing with this fine gentleman." Dec 16, 2007

    Sergiu - feedback at Imperial Shipyards

    Tamer: "keep forgetting to give Serg some Kudos for sending me some great cd and dvd goodies. Sorry Serg, I sure appreciate it. Hes a good yarder folks, one just need ask and Serg delivers." May 13, 2008

    Sergiu - feedback at Gentle Giant Collectors

    JEDIMASTERDAVE: "Sold him my Vader Statue great to deal with and great communication would do business with again" Oct 11, 2008

    THX-182: "A great person to deal with. Sent money very quickly and even included a postcard from Romania and a picture of the Episode I set!" Nov 12, 2008

    Sergiu - feedback at Replica Prop Forum 1

    Sergiu - feedback at Replica Prop Forum 2

    Sergiu - feedback at Replica Prop Forum 3

    russrep: "13.jkno----BATTLE/BROKE CHIP--------------------PAID
    14.jkno----FULL CHIP & DISPLAY------------------PAID" 05-10-2009

    russrep: "17.jkno....Claw + display Confirmed-------------PAID" 05-31-2009

    russrep: "6.jkno-----OPTION E----------PAID" 06-28-2009

    Sergiu - feedback at Replica Prop Forum 4

    Sergiu - feedback at Replica Prop Forum 5

    Sergiu - feedback at Replica Prop Forum 6

    Sergiu - feedback at White Armor Forum FISD 1

    Sergiu - feedback at White Armor Forum FISD 2

    Sergiu - feedback at White Armor Forum FISD 3

    Sergiu - feedback at Jolly Roger Squadron Forum 1

    Jkno's feedback on auction site


    Due to some temporary forum error it seems page 2 of my trade feedback thread vanished, though you can still see it if you choose the "Threaded" mode. Also you can see all the feedback in the thumbnails below which I've taken before this happened:

    Trade feedback screenshots 1

    Trade feedback screenshots 2


    My haves & wants 1
    My haves & wants 2

    Thanks guys! Best regards from Romania!

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    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Re: Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread

    Great traders I dealt with in these years (approximate alphabetical order) - with some of them I had more than one deal:

    007 Jedi (Jason Liso)
    Boba Rocks (Cory Hyman)
    Bossk the Wookiee Hunter - Bosskmr (Mike Richard)
    Chad McNeely
    Chris@ thejawa (Chris Delvecchio)
    Cyberscout (Mike Matlock)
    Daigo-Bah (Greg Reeves)
    Dark Knight
    Darth Bugga
    Darth Cycy (Cyril Audinette)
    Darth Dave (David de Silva)
    Darth Jaxx
    Darth Valle (Jaime Valle)
    Darth Wolf (Brian Choy)
    dbowser (Doug Bowser)
    ds9619 (Tom Lawson)
    DSJ (Dale Justus)
    Hasek 3939 (Todd Welch)
    I Am Ed (Ed Deaver)
    JadOnTV (SoylentGreedo)
    James the Hutt (James Spearman)
    Jason_P_ (Jason Pantaleo)
    JediMasterGuff (Ross Guthrie)
    Jerkytoys (Brian Grison)
    Jesse James
    Kentstarwars (Deepak)
    KING (Justin King)
    KL Wong
    Kris (Kris Van de Sande)
    Lildanboy (Daniel Strode)
    Mothman (Tim Mammatt)
    Mucous Milkshake (Justin Davis)
    Obi1kenny aka Ken the ElvisTrooper
    ohh ta goo ta solo/OTGTS
    PeteWindu (Peter Hauerstein)
    Po_Dead Jawa (Andrew Logan)
    Rogue Jedi TJ
    Short4astormie (Marsh Gillespie)
    Stylie Steve (Stephen Small)
    SWjunkie808 (Jason Browne)
    Talon Karrde (Tony Sznoluch)
    Teamrico (Nathan Rico)
    The Emporer (Troy Fitzgerald)
    The Jedi Spirit (Wayne Boulton)
    The Josh
    Toyguy (Edmund Wong)
    Y-Wing Jagger (David Marks)


    Stores that I highly recommend (approximate alphabetical order):

    Autograph Bounty Hunter
    Andrew's Toyz
    Brian's Toys
    D&S Toys
    eFX Collectibles
    Entertainment Earth
    Hobby Link Japan
    Official Pix
    Plasma Infusion
    Razor's Edge Collectibles
    Rebelscum Store
    Things From Another World TFAW
    Toy Anxiety
    Toy Palace

    Stores that I wouldn't buy from:

    Collector's Gallery Online ==> reasons & motives
    Cozmic Toyz (because of their laziness regarding shipping to Eastern Europe)


    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Re: Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread

    Mr. Rusu will send money out to anywhere in the world super fast to get your SW stuff! Help him out, he's an awesome collector and person! Thanks Sergiu!
    Please read my version of the Star Wars prequels and let me know what you think!

    Check out the Rebelscum Custom Dioramas Index!

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    Re: Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread

    Always a pleasure dealing with Sergiu. Highly recommended

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    Re: Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread *DELETED*

    added new great traders to the list

    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Re: Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread

    added some new great traders to the lists!!

    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Re: Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread

    I did a nice little dealy with Sergiu for some CD's here recently, and even though we've had a problem (my fault, on my end) with payment, Sergiu's been kind enough to give me positive reviews...

    He's a good guy, very trustworthy, and great to talk to/deal with! A real asset!
    *YAWN* Yes the Fleet Trooper Still Sucks *YAWN*

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    Re: Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread

    It is not Jesse's fault, it is no one fault (except maybe the banks') . Jesse is a GREAT person and glad to deal with him anytime!

    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Re: Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread

    <font color="blue">Sergiu sold me some AWSOME Star Wars comics CD's. He even coordinated the transaction via Paypal and a friend of his in Canada, so I didn't have to monkey around w/ international money orders, international mail, etc.

    Great guy, Great Seller. Awsome Star Wars CD's. Take me 2 years to read them all, for only $16.

    RECOMMENDED, HIGHLY. E-mail me with questions.

    Po' Dead Jawa
    (Andrew Logan) </font>
    "If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." (4th U.S. President, James Madison, Jr., 1751-1836)

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    Re: Sergiu/Jkno Feedback Thread

    i will also attest to the great cds.
    like jawa said, its going to take a long time to read all of these!
    also i have dealt with sergiu on a number of occasions and hes very patient and a great guy to deal with!!
    i love it when a plan comes together

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