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Thread: SideShow Yoda v2

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    SideShow Yoda v2

    Seems like ANOTHER Yoda from SideShow is coming soon.... we really needed that!

    Yipee - The early words of Darth Vader...

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    Well I see that at least the HT version now is wait-listed after being in stock forever
    Yipee - The early words of Darth Vader...

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    Yeah, I don't get it. First Jedi Luke, now Yoda? Why is SS re-doing these following HT's releases? Especially since they already had a crack at these figures.
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    Don't need a somewhat newer jocular since the older legacy collection hypnosis arena two pack jocular is still great and thing is that do all attack of the Clones Jedi figures really need jedi robes?

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    Meh I'm in. They don't make that many OT 1/6 Yoda items. He's different enough for me. Plus I haven't bought a single Hot toys/Sideshow item from the Disney films.

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    Guess I waited too long, though there'd be sale on the older version at some point.

    Not sure I like this one as much
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    Looks nowhere as good as the recent Hot Toys one...glad I grabbed it. Easy pass on this.

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    One more redo on Sideshow's account. Will keep funds to spend on some Hot Toys newness previewd at San Diego.

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