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Thread: Imperial Trooper Patrol - Speculation

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    Imperial Trooper Patrol - Speculation

    According to Yakface we should be seeing an Imperial Trooper Patrol figure in the near future, no further details about this item just yet:

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    I recommended that the 6" BS Patrol Trooper have his own bike and be sold as a deluxe figure instead,......same comment here unless we get a patrol bike w/trooper with a special articulation (maybe knee articulation) like during the POTF2 days sometime down the line. Just my $.02.
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    So wanted this guy to come in TVC... Very sad.
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    so want at least 2 of these guys if they come with the speeder bikes... maybe use the same type of flight stands like the TRU Endor Speeder bikes and make the figures with multiple points of articulation so that they look natural on the bikes.
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    Count me in for this figure!

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