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Thread: Weazel - Speculation

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    Quote Originally Posted by keknivek View Post
    I just learned that all of Warwick Davis' characters started with W.... obvious I know, but I never thought about it.

    Wicket - ROTJ / Wald & Weazel - TPM / Wollivan - TFA / Weeteef Cyubee - RO / Wodibin - TLJ / Weazel - Solo

    Not to mention Willow

    Man does this Weazel character need a figure. In fact, they should do a box set of all of these figures. Davis deserves it.
    Of course, "Leprechaun" is the one notable exception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rushie View Post
    Here's to fully re-canonizing the Ewok tv movies! (and cartoon while we're at it)

    The Gorax and Kneesaa in FoD were a step in the right direction at least.
    We also got Teek & Kaink in a previous Disney Parks box set a few years back. Personally, I would love to see a box set for each of the two movies. For "The Ewok Adventure," Mace, Cindel, Deej, Widdle (white cheeks, also in ROTJ) & Chukka Trok would work. Then, for "Battle for Endor", give us Noa, Charal, Terak, Cindel (with vest) & a random Maurauder. Yes, I left Wicket out, but we've already gotten him in several forms. Give us all new figures here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayson View Post
    Thanks for the link. It's a pretty decent looking set.

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