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Thread: Sold Price for eFX Ralph McQuarrie Vader Helmet?

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    Sold Price for eFX Ralph McQuarrie Vader Helmet?

    I submitted the reply below in someone's Wanted post in the Classified section, but it may be better if it's posted here. Good post on current market value for eFX McVader and also how to check sold prices on eBay.

    "Looks like the McVader helmet sold. It was listed with a BIN price of $3,994.95 with $224 shipping. The neck piece had a crack in it. How can one tell how much it sold for? I can't tell if someone bought it at the BIN price or if a best offer was accepted. Website says Sold for $3,994.95, but app says Best Offer Accepted with the $3,994.95 price crossed out. The eBay app used to display the best offer price accepted, but now it doesn't. Would be nice to see what the market value on this is as they don't show up often."

    Description from auction for future reference:

    Up for sale is Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader helmet concept, 178 out of 250. I have an minor issue with the back neck piece ( please see pictures). A lot of collectors had the same helmet but with many more problems or damaged. The only problem it's the broken piece of the neck. The helmet have been displayed for around 6 months only in an acrylic case.. other pieces are in good condition.

    I received it like that from EFX, but at that time the helmet was sold out so I kept it like that.

    When the helmet is on display you don’t see the issue

    The neck is a little bit broken like you can see on the picture but it's too small to fit correctly like you can see on another picture .. but inside of the neck you have a Velcro to attach it with the mask

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    Is there truly no way to find out what the sold price is when a seller accepts a best offer? It would be really nice to know what the McVader sold for.

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    Sold for $3,400.00.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRDNiteLife View Post
    Sold for $3,400.00.
    Thanks TRD! Did you buy it? Is that how you know the accepted best offer price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneknightr View Post
    Thanks TRD! Did you buy it? Is that how you know the accepted best offer price?
    I did not. PM sent.
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