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Thread: Unmade Sail Barge figures

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    Unmade Sail Barge figures

    Most wanted Figure: Cantina Baglady

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    Awesome, awesome work, man! These are easily as good as anything TVC could offer!

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    All really nice, except the guy on the right has some awkward proportions.

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    Kk,’you must talking bout his forarms!
    Most wanted Figure: Cantina Baglady

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    Lolz, could be the arms, or the high pants look (distance from bottom of belt to bottom of crotch vs distance from top of belt to shoulders), or the slight high old-time baseball high socks look (did you shorten height just above the ankle?).

    None of this stood out to me looking, and I hope you don’t interpret this comment as lessening my above praise. These figures kick serious butt! Rather, I’m just scratching my head alongside you about what the other poster might have meant ...

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