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Thread: Captain Phasma - Quicksilver Baton

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    Might need to get this so I can pass on the cape to my SHF Phasma.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nighthawk View Post
    Apparently, people are going crazy over this in some parts of Canada. They put it behind the counter now. Apparently, people were stealing and hiding her so the stores are limiting them to 1 per customer and putting it behind the counter where you have to go and ask for it.

    Was annoying cause I had to go a second time cause I was getting a second one for my friend in the US. With tax, exchange and shipping, the cost was like $36US for him. Basically, with Ebay costs and stuff, it would have to sell for like $45 to break even, and that's also because I ship via USPS. For those that don't have that ability, shipping alone is like $15 from Canada to US thus inflating the price of this figure even more.
    That's good to know. I was just there today and didn't see any. Guess I have to try again. I need one of these to use the cape on my Bandai Model kit.
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    This looks awesome, even if I'm not digging the blast mark on her chest. But the damaged helmet with the exposed eye looks great.
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    I wanted the cape to be used on the original Phasma so that's what I did. She can't really hold the baton anyways and I like her like this.

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    I have no idea, and certainly others can answer this question, but is there some reason Tru Canada won’t ship to the United States? Seems like they’d get a lot more business now. I saw in another thread where you can order from amazon japan so clearly they want the business. And if the customer is willing to pay the shipping then what should they care?

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    Was always like that. Just like only shipped to US.

    It might have to do with import laws which they dont want to deal with. However now that TRU USA is no more, they may consider if enough people write in asking.
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    My tru had 2 of these, i will keep one but if someone wants the second at cost plus shipping i will be happy to help.

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    I'd love to get one of these without resorting to ebay.

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