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Thread: SDCC 2018 Excl. #5: LUKE JEDI Mini Bust

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBonas View Post
    Oh my god!
    I can see the headlines now "Gentle Giant gets detail wrong!"
    Shock horror

    But seriously, well spotted.
    Do you think there will be headlines about it? Maybe. I mean, nowadays there are headlines about anything so it wouldn't be too far fetched to think the wrong lightsaber hilt would make the cover of Time magazine or the New York Times to detract attention from something more important.

    Seriously, I feel it was worth pointing out the wrong lightsaber hilt being used as yet another issue with this $120.00 mini bust, which sucks as far as likeness. So, for collectors that care about what their money is buying, now they are better informed, myself included.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DontDissTheFett View Post
    Count me in with that too. I have really liked the line and have purchased all of them that were recently released. I have been hoping GameStop would announce more carried by them as exclusives but Iím not holding my breathe

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    I got a few at great discount prices, but paid regular price for quite a few as well. Considering how expensive the armed busts are and how hit and miss they are with likeness (solo, this Luke, Yavin Leia) I thought the armless busts were a nice, cheaper alternative. Personally Iím happy with all the classic busts I own. I own a handful of armed busts and really only buy the ones that stand out to me there, which are only a few. I understand I am in the minority in loving the classic line more but thatís my two cents.
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    This mini bust is horrible. What a lame exclusive for SDCC.
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