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Thread: PRICES REDUCED (again) Hot Toys/SSC/GG Star Wars Big Sale *Pics*

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    PRICES REDUCED (again) Hot Toys/SSC/GG Star Wars Big Sale *Pics*

    Pics at bottom.

    Having to majorly purge the collection due to some boring-real-life-adult-stuff. These are all mint with art boxes unless noted. Some have their brown shippers. Most do not as I usually use those to ship other stuff, but they will still be packaged well and secure. Prices are firm.

    US SHIPPING ONLY for now. Over the past year Iíve had several packages lost or broken overseas and I donít want to put myself or the buyer at risk anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Premium Format 1/4 Scale:
    Boba ROTJ (newest version) Non Exclusive - $490 shipped
    Death Trooper Exclusive - $490 shipped
    Han Solo in Carbonite (lights/electronics all work but you have to make sure the batteries are making full contact with the coils) - $650 shipped

    1/6 Scale:
    HT Jyn Erso Imperial Disguise Exclusive(No Jyn Head Sculpt, just Imperial helmet, otherwise complete) - 160 shipped
    HT Shocktrooper x2 - 199 shipped each 1 SOLD 1 LEFT
    HT Death Trooper Regular x2 - 220 shipped each BOTH SOLD
    HT Death Trooper Specialist Deluxe - 295 shipped SOLD
    HT Death Star Gunner - 220 shipped SOLD
    HT Spacetrooper Exclusive - 220 shipped SOLD
    HT Grand Moff Tarkin (slightest blemish on tunic near collar, came this way from sideshow, hardly noticeable, but want to be up front as possible about condition, can see in third pic) - 250 shipped SOLD
    HT Shoretrooper - 300 SOLD
    HT K2SO - 285 shipped SOLD
    HT Holiday Special Boba Fett Exclusive - 230 shipped SOLD
    HT Anakin Skywalker - 245 shipped SOLD
    HT Princess Leia ANH - 290 shipped SOLD
    HT Obi Wan Kenobi ANH - 290 shipped SOLD
    HT Luke Skywalker Deluxe Special Edition ANH - 265 shipped SOLD
    HT Han Solo ANH - 265 shipped SOLD

    Sideshow R2-Q5 - 100 shipped
    Sideshow Imperial AT AT Driver - 170 shipped
    Sideshow Dengar - 270 shipped SOLD
    Sideshow Zuckuss - 270 shipped
    Sideshow Exclusive IG-88 with Vibro Axe (No light up base, will provide a standard base) - 200 shipped
    Sideshow Jango Fett Exclusive with alternate head - 200 shipped (This has the same QC problems that all of these Jangos had, namely the knee pads and shin guards wanting to fall off, otherwise mint) SOLD
    Sideshow Rogue One TIE Pilot - 210 shipped SOLD
    Sideshow ANH TIE Pilot - 175 shipped SOLD
    Sideshow Snowtrooper Commander - 205 shipped SOLD
    Sideshow Snowtrooper - 170 shipped SOLD
    Sideshow C2-B5 - 100 shipped SOLD

    Gentle Giant:
    Darth Maul Spider Body/Legs 1/6 Statue mint without art box, will be packaged with great care - $500 shipped
    2007 Darth Vader Kneeling 1/6 Statue w/light up base - $270 shipped SOLD

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    Updated. Leia, Dengar, Jango, Snowtrooper Commander, Holiday Fett all sold. Lots left.
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    Prices reduced!
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    Prices reduced again
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    Almost all gone. Prices reduced again.
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