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Thread: Partial Gentle Giant Mini Bust Sell Off

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    Partial Gentle Giant Mini Bust Sell Off

    This is the start of me selling off a large portion of my collection. Just no longer have the passion or desire to keep up with the Gentle Giant Mini Bust hobby. I have pretty much been collecting since day 1 with the AotC arm less busts. This is just a portion of what I will be selling. A lot of my collection is still in storage at my moms house and I need to find time in the day to stop there and grab the rest so I should be adding to this post in the coming weeks, hopefully most of them sell. I have sold a few on eBay but would rather sell the majority of them here if I can. Honestly, eBay fees are ridiculous. So prices will be listed without shipping. In the past few months I've sold a bunch of Jumbos and Mini Busts so I have a good idea on shipping. I currently live on the East Coast, around Philadelphia to be exact so anything around this area will only cost $10-$12 shipping usually and that's Priority Mail with tracking. Further north and south and west of here should only be around $15 to ship and then out west, way out west like California North and South will be around $18. Of course if someone prefers a cheaper shipping that can also be arranged and they consider that Retail and it is cheaper but could take up to an extra week to get there. That is not usually the case but I've been told when shipping that way that be aware it "Could" take up to 2 weeks to get there. So with that out of the way I will list the mini bust that I currently have with me. All prices are negotiable and I can combine shipping for multiple busts. Photos are available upon request. I think I have a general photo of the shelf of all the mini busts boxed up. All mini busts come in their original boxes and COA. A large portion of them have never been removed from the box or displayed. If something was displayed and one point I will make mention of it. I am a non smoker so if something was displayed it was in a smoke free home away from windows in a Detolf away from direct sunlight.
    DP = Displayed NDP =Never Displayed

    1) Pilot Luke (Original Pilot Luke with helmet in hand) 5488/7500 $50(DP)

    2) Muftak & Kabe (2 Pack) 739/1400 $75 (NDP) SOLD

    3) Jar Jar Binks w/ W. Wald (2012 Premier Guild Holiday Exclusive) 314/600 $150 (NDP)

    4) Anakin Skywalker & Sebulba
    (2 Pack) 53/1000 $150 (NDP)

    5) Sy Snootles
    471/850 $75 (NDP)

    6) Darth Vader
    (Thank the Maker 2011 Primer Guild Exclusive) 98/1000 $175 (NDP)

    7) Luke Skywalker
    (Snowspeeder Pilot Bust Deluxe 2013 Primer Guild Exclusive) 359/480 $150 (NDP)

    8) Chrome Jango Fett
    (MBNA Exclusive) 359/5000 $50 (DP)

    9) Luke Skywalker (Tatooine w/ Lightsaber) 141/2200 $100 (NDP)

    10) Yoda w/ 3D Glasses (2012 Convention Exclusive) 265/1200 $125 (NDP)

    11) Luke Skywalker (Endor 2014 Primer Guild Exclusive) 79/774 $150 (NDP)

    12) General Veers Deluxed (2012 Primer Guild Exclusive) 212/430 $450 (NDP)

    13) Logray Ewok Medicine Man 103/1400 $125 (NDP)

    14) Admiral Ackbar Original RotJ 553/4000 $50 (DP) SOLD

    15) Admiral Motti (2012 Convention Exclusive) 78/1200 $100 (NDP)

    16) Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight 3328/6500 $50 (DP)

    17) Emperor's Shadow Guard (Star Wars The Force Unleashed Video Game) 174/750 $100 (NDP)

    18) Nien Numb 274/900 $100 (NDP)

    19) Jawas 2 Pack 672/7000 $60 (DP)

    20) Rebel Fleet Trooper (2012 Primer Guild Exclusive) 416/700 $200 (NDP) SOLD

    21) Obi-Wan Kenobi ROTS (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) 575/1100 $150 (NDP)

    22) Tedn Dahai Cantina Band Member 43/1050 $75 (NDP)

    23) Luke Skywalker Tatooine (2012 Primer Guild Exclusive w/ T-16 Skyhopper) 111/550 $250 (NDP)

    24) Emperor Palpatine RoTJ 351/1200 $100 (NDP)

    25) Grand Admiral Thrawn 762/1350 $350 (NDP)

    26) Ree-Yees 245/1002 $100 (NDP)

    27) Senate Guard 7248/10,000 $40 (NDP)

    28) Queen Amidala Red Senate Gown (2014 Primer Guild Gift) 430/680 $250 (NDP) SOLD

    29) Mace Windu (2013 Primer Guild Exclusive) 295/800 $250 (NDP)

    30) Bespin Han Solo (2011 Primer Guild Exclusive) 293/420 $200 (NDP) SOLD

    31) Imperial Gunner (AFX Exclusive) 283/1200 $175 (NDP)

    32) Max Rebo 177/750 $100 (NDP) SOLD

    33) Droopy McCool 338/900 $100 (NDP)

    34) 2-1B Medical Droid (TESB 30th Anniversary Bust) 819/1980 $100 (NDP)

    35) Kit Fisto 843/1500 $80 (NDP)

    36) Princess Leia Organa Mynock Hunt (Previews Exclusive) 1448/1550 $125 (NDP)

    37) Salacious Crumb (Collectors Club Exclusive) 2430/2500 $100 (DP)

    38) Holiday Commander Cody 927/1500 $75 (NDP)

    That is the current list, I will be adding more as I get to my moms and grab more boxes but there are only so many mini busts I can keep here without the wife really getting annoyed at me! I will be selling a lot more as I do not intend to keep much. You can ask if I have a particular bust if you wish, and I probably do, but I am not certain which box it is currently being stored in. I have really good positive Feedback on eBay if you are curious and I have done deals here on Rebelscum in the past where I also have good feedback. Any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to shoot them my way.
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    Replied and Thank You

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    PM sent, thank you.

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    Good price for #17 on that list.

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    Mini Busts Shipped. Thank you again!
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    Simple bump and I'd like to thank Brewser and Red_Mosquito for their recent purchases. I've had a few discussions with other individuals about some mini busts. If you are on the fence or just curious shoot me a message. I'm always willing to try and make a deal, combine some prices or in some instances even pay for shipping. And though not everything is listed you can always ask if I have something else that you are looking for. I definitely have to make a trip to get the rest of my collection and list it. But again I'd like to thank those that have already made purchases and those that have show interest

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    Another bump with another sold Mini Bust and a happy customer! Thanks again!

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