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Thread: Do you like midichlorians? Cuz George Lucas sure did!

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    to answer the original question: "Do you like midichlorians? Cuz George Lucas sure did"

    yes I like them just fine, now that I know they are really "The Whills" -- I had always wondered what "the wills" were supposed to be -- (this adds to the Chirrut character in Rogue One).
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    As for the Whills, it may still seem like fantasy because it seems far fetched to us. But what if the Whills were E.T.'s who visited 50K years ago to introduce life on this planet, only to study them over the course of time? Are they Gods, even though they're just DNA donators? It's been suggested before that we're all just rats in a maze. What if every life form is in its own made up existence being studied?

    To me the whills on a microscopic level, just seem like parasites with with an intelligence. Bringing that into the equation without ever being able to portray it is useless idea. How do you tell a story from a microbe's POV? The Force should have stayed an "energy" plan and simple. The more you try to explain the explainable, the more it opens up cans of worms. It's like telling a white lie.

    Quote Originally Posted by CellBlock1138 View Post
    Science, god and faith just don't mix well. It's best to keep them as separate as possible. Faith just doesn't stand up to rigorous scientific challenge. Eventually, it has to just ignore the questions it feels uncomfortable with.
    Actually they mix just fine. It's the Human mind that cannot comprehend it possible to do so. Or technically what that mind has been taught to believe over the other. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall when it was decided what path we were to be set upon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CellBlock1138 View Post

    Frankly, the Force is one of the absolute worst things about the Star Wars universe. It's a "get out of jail" card and one that's as expandable as the writer wishes it to be nowadays. It the original films, Force powers were quite limited, yet reasonably fantastic. With the silliness of the EU and the prequels, these powers became increasingly ridiculous and the Force users became OOT supermen.
    While I agree that Force abilities might have been abused, the concept itself obviously distinguishes SW from other sci-fi films. As everyone knows, the Force was created as a modern and tangible belief directed toward modern even younger audiences within his universe w/o explicitly calling it God/creation nor making SW profoundly religious or relating to a specific religion.

    On a broader level, I'm still a bit surprised the idea was proposed in GL's head in that sense he was attempting to fill a void within the SW universe with an answer (that as I noted before) even got into theological themes such as free will/determinism.

    So to try to tell that on 'space opera'/storytelling level would have been the interesting challenge to mass audiences.
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    I'm not keen on the Whills/midichlorians, though I had always wondered what The Whills were.

    I guess it all comes down to what kind of story you would like.

    If you prefer the loaves and fishes parable to reflect a miraculously occuring abundance of food, then you're porbably not keen on the interpretation of the one boy's selflessness inspiring the same in others.

    Me? I like my space-fantasy a little fantastical. Of course, Cobalt's observation that the "science" behind midichlorians is equally fantastical, still stands.

    So it's a "No thanks" from me for the OP.
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    What a fine tactic dew. Poo poo George to try to make Disney Stary Warz look better. Well guess what? No matter how many people would prefer a SW without Midichlorians, many would rather a world without Disney Stary Warz.

    A turd burrito doesn't taste any better than a turd burger.

    Nice try though.

    Disney cheerleader indeed.

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    George's new whills idea makes Disney look better all on it's own.
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    Honestly, after seeing TLJ I'd say that they're both in the same BS league.

    As for a world w/o Disney Star Warz? I wouldn't say it's all bad, Rogue One and Han Solo were decent movies.
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