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Thread: Most desirable loose Kenner variants?

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    Most desirable loose Kenner variants?

    Other than the obvious major/minor variants like the double telescoping figures, vinyl cape jawa, Jawa stitch variants, big/small head Han, different color hair Luke figures, dent and no dent Blue Snaggletooth, different Luke Jedi capes and sabers, Yoda snake variants, hollow tubes Sandperson, red rectangle R5-D4, Leia Bespin turtleneck, what do you think are the most desirable orbvaluable loose variants? I want to make sure I'm not missing any or potentially trading any I have.

    Molded face Luke Jedi seems to be desirable and I think I have a 1984 COO Barada which I heard was rare but it's hard to read the dates on those.

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    I like the Lili Ledy short mouth Biker Scout and the burgundy caped Squidhead and Bib Fortuna.

    Also the Takara alternate head sculpt C-3P0, Darth Vader & Stormtrooper.

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