No drama. For various reasons, I am done with Star Wars, and over the next few weeks/months, I'm getting rid of everything but a handful of autographed figures, and my childhood items. There will be some rare, and some high profile items - but they will be saved for the end. I know the vultures will be circling, and don't feel like having my collection cherry picked and don't want to be left at the end trying to unload common and lesser condition stuff. Anyway, please don't ask here why I'm selling up - I explained it all yesterday on the Facebook 12 back group, and don't feel like saying it again here, so if you're curious, that's where you'll find it.

All prices are in US funds, payable through paypal. I don't care if you use gift or not, but gift payments need 3% on top of the purchase price. Partial payments and trades are not accepted. All figures will be shipped in Star Cases, with padding inside the case to protect the bubble, and mailed in boxes. I will ask $20 for shipping to North America, which will include tracking and signed delivery confirmation, and will take international sales on a per basis case, as shipping rates vary wildly around the world.
If the following prices are too high for you, MAKE AN OFFER.

I'll get this started with some 12 backs and what's left of my POTF. I'll include one pic here because rebelscum's picture capabilities are inefficient. Just ask, and I can provide more pics.

12B Han Solo. - $1000 obo
Decent carded Han, but with some minor flaws. Some slight staining that does not detract from displayability near the SW logo. Some light veins that don't break color, and a slightly wavy card. Tape holding blaster has yellowed and is starting to come away, but for the time being the blaster is held in place. Han has frosting. That is fixable, but I do not do that myself.

Next, a 12B Luke Skywalker. - $900 obo
This WOULD be an excellent example. There is some slight bubble crushing on the top left corner (does not detract from display at all), and a slight stress line on the back that doesn't break color. Unfortunately, the top of the bubble has pulled away slightly from the card. It is still fully sealed, but has resulted in a slight tear along the paper inside the bubble. Pictures show the damage, and as you can see, displayability is still very good.

EV-9D9 - $350
Very mild yellowing, with a couple of minor crushes on the top left and bottom right, not very noticeable when displayed. Card is unpunched, with a tiny spider vein on the top right corner and a stress line on the back lower right corner.

Warok - $200
Bubble has yellowing and a ding in the top left corner. Card is punched, with a large area of sticker residue in the top left corner, mild stress lines on both bottom corners, a very mild stress line on the back top right corner, and some mild scuffing on the back.

Barada - $215

Bubble has very mild yellowing but no other issues. Card is unpunched, and has partially removed price sticker on top right corner. Slight stress line on back.

Amanaman - $340

Bubble has mild yellowing but no other issues. Card is unpunched, with small creases top and bottom right corners, and mild spider veins on back.

R2-D2 w/ Lightsaber - $800

Very mild yellowing of bubble, with slight pinching on top and bottom right corners. Card is unpunched, with one slight spider vein on back top right corner. Would be awesome example, except for the person who punched a hole next to the hang tab, then tried to cover it up with price stickers on both sides. Price sticker residue is still there from when I took them off and exposed the damage.

Luke Poncho - $325

Bubble has some yellowing but no other issues. Card is unpunched, and has some edgewear on the top right corner and mild scuffing on the back. Otherwise perfect.

Lando General - $275

Bubble has significantly yellowed, but no other issues. Card is unpunched, with a stress line on the back bottom left corner, and a small spider vein on the back, with very minor scuffing.