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Thread: Imperial TIE Fighter

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    Hard to know if Hasbro is moving backward or forward on these things. It does look better proportioned (I still haven't gotten the Legacy version because the wings are too large compared to the cockpit), but undersized. It looks like they've tried to improve the connection between the cockpit & wings. The old 'exploding wings' connection since 1977 would always make it seem like the wings were loose. I liked the 'ejector seat' of the old cockpit, so I'm really ambivalent about this new breakaway one. TIE pilot looks good for 5 POA (but why waste money on a new scuplt). I will say with this one that at least it looks like they're trying.

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    Yeah. Pending better pics I’m feeling excited about this.

    Totally understandable that the regular vehicle offerings aren’t the true scale versions of whatnot. Those have their place and need another production run soon, but a good kids scale, kids price TIE should be a staple of this line for years and years to come, like the POTF2 one was, virtually a perennial offering. IMO it’s a really good sign for the health of the line that they are making good looking new OT stuff for a wide market. While wave 3 is a huge head scratcher, the broader picture of a good Luke, good Vader, good Emperor, good Hoth Leia, and now the TIE is really encouraging, IMO.

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    Space is a problem for me and the big wing Tie Fighter was just too big (and expensive for me at the time) so I never got it. I didn't get the VC one sadly as I really liked the cockpit detail and the fact that it was small wings but it's just too expensive now.

    I'm really excited about this one if it is about the vintage size and I don't have any 3.75" scale Tie Fighters. I only have the 6" one. Hoping the break-away feature doesn't fall apart too easily. I had the TFA Tie Fighter and I look at it wrong and one wing will fly off of it on the shelf. It was always the same one.
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