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Thread: Does anyone use eBay anymore?

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    In my 15 years of collecting 98% of purchases have been from eBay, I've only ever had to return 2 items due them being 'not as described'
    That's the thing that worries me about Facebook groups, what do you do if you get rooked? I also find Facebook prices are outrageously high, with a bit of patience they can be found far cheaper on eBay.

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    I agree with others, FB does NOT give you a proper feel for true going market prices like ebay, in fact FB inflates prices. I laughed when I remember some so called experienced collector on this forum claimed FB sales dwarfed ebay sales and therefore you couldnt gauge the market properly for graded pieces LOL FB is grossly inflated and doesnt give the buyer the same protections as ebay does.

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    I've found a few bargains on FB over the last few years, but the majority still from eBay.. I still like sticking in that last second or two bid, and also slightly misspelt descriptions... always a winner those.

    Certain FB group mods have drummed it into noobies that eBay is the source of all evil and can't be trusted... yes, there is a hell of a load of repro rubbish on there, but if people done a bit of research beforehand then they wouldn't get burned.

    One recent episode on FB had me in stitches... guy sold a load of figures on FB at 'cheap prices', majority of them were snapped up by one particular guy who then flipped them on eBay..... he made a loss as none hit their original FB price.... guess FB 'cheap prices' weren't as cheap as they should have been.
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