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Thread: OT: SDCC #3 Gwenpool Animated Statue

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    Nice! McQuarrie I hope!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LightSword View Post
    Going but what you are telling me, the "disease" has also spread to Texas. I'm assuming it must be a nation-wide thing.
    SIGH, same here. I'm not in Texas though . I have people at my job almost run into me in the hallways as they are buried in those dang things. Half my worthless dept are on them all day, which call me crazy but if you are holding a phone all day kind of hard to get your work done, you think?

    The worst is when I am at a live sporting event and they are buried in their phones. I'm thinking, you paid over $100 to sit in these seats and you are on your phone instead? Those are people I wish ill will on needless to say, along with the ones who do what they do in your state and mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LightSword View Post
    Well, I said the vision was not clear. May be an Ewok, may be a Jawa's something of a short stature Indeed it'd be nice to see a painted prototype of Amanaman. I need to make sure it wasn't painted purple with a bright red staff, you know.

    * By the way, I got an email two days ago saying my preorder of Yavin Leia has been updated to awaiting shipment. I'm guessing they have received it and will be shipped soon.
    That’s pretty cool & scary at the same time, my Yavin Leia order is still pending but so is the stormtrooper with the baton & shield, if they changed to being processed too then that’ll be 5 mini-busts heading my way, bit of an expensive month but also great to have so many all turn up at once.
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    That's weird. Yavin Leia isn't in yet. She's scheduled for sometime next month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BithBandLeader View Post
    That's weird. Yavin Leia isn't in yet. She's scheduled for sometime next month.
    This is what I got, hence why I was surprised and mentioned it above...

    Mon, Jun 11, 2018 6:38 pm

    Gentle Giant Ltd (

    Order Status Changed

    An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed.
    The status of order #xxxxxxxx is now Awaiting Shipment
    Order Details

    Order Total: $96.19 USD
    Date Placed: 05/04/2017
    Payment Method:
    Products to be shipped

    Cart Items SKU Qty
    Leia Hero Of Yavin Mini-Bust 80463 1
    Shipment Tracking Numbers / Links

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