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Thread: Jabba & Boba Fett Multi Pieces For Sale

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    Jabba & Boba Fett Multi Pieces For Sale

    Jabba Canvas Print Signed by 17. Most were obtained by Wattographs back in the day. Key name on this one is Stuart Freeborn, full name printed, as he was very ill at the time of the signing, and printed the majority of the pieces rather than his signature.
    All signatures in blue ink. Canvas size is 22.5" x 14.5"
    Phil Tippet and David Carson were added in a private signing

    Mike Quinn - ROTJ
    David Barclay - ESB, ROTJ
    Howie Hammerman - ESB, ROTJ
    John Coppinger - ROTJ
    Mike Edmonds - ESB, ROTJ
    Jez-Gibson Harris - ROTJ
    Bob Keen - ESB, ROTJ
    Richard Padbury - ROTJ
    Toby Philpott – ROTJ
    Tom McLaughlin
    Roger Christian
    Stuart Freeborn
    Phil Tippet
    Bob Bromley
    David Carson

    $949 shipped in the US. Open to reasonable offers.

    I’m selling my Boba Fett Riddell mini helmet signed by 12. All signers are contributors to Boba Fett or the Boba Fett costume. This would be great to pick up before Jeremy’s next signing.

    Signed by the following:
    Joe Johnston
    Sandy Dhuyvetter
    Ben Burtt
    Duwayne Dunham
    Ira Keller
    Don Bies
    Mark Austin
    Bruce Nicholson
    Nelson Hall
    Bob Yerkes
    Glenn Randall
    Jason Wingreen
    Comes with stand, original box and packing foam.
    $599 Price includes shipping in the US. LMK if better pics are needed.

    Let me know if you have any question or need additional pics.

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