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Thread: My First "In The Wild" Find

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    My First "In The Wild" Find

    Hello users. Today, I figured I'd share a story about my first somewhat major wild find . While at an estate sale, I asked the guy if he had any Star Wars stuff, and so he took me into a room and pulled out a Darth Vader case stuffed with Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica figures. After buying 7 of the figures for $20, I returned and bought the case, a Taun-Taun, and some other figures, plus some Fisher Price Adventure People stuff. I wish to ask now, what was your first wild find? Thanks

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    Awesome! did they have their accessories?

    My first and basically only wild find was also at an estate sale. An original star wars 30x40 window box theatrical poster. Had some water staining and foxing at the edges and a small tear but was an awesome price and that started my poster collection.

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    well, I started collecting before internet so I guess flea market finds were very common nearly 30 years ago ( my gosh I feel old) but for in the wild after internet, just a few months ago the local goodwill of all places, had their bags of misc. figures. junk junk more junk oh wait that's Bossk ... so I picked up the bag and spotted even more vintage figures, Luke Hoth, Han Hoth, Luke Bespin, Han Bespin, Hoth StormTrooper, original Leia, Dengar, Rebel snow solider, at at commander. all played with, rebel snow trooper and at at commander were toast busted up etc. leia had serious discoloration ... the luke hoth was fair shape the hoth snowtrooper was in the best shape .. it was the best $4.99 I spent in a long time

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    They are still out there...i scored a nearly complete x wing missing one wing cannon and cockpit for a dollar a few weeks ago. The same day grabbed a loose leia boush for .50 a loose minty naked jawa 2 original threepios and a stormtrooper sans weapon for 5 dollars. Keep looking this should be a thread. Would love to know what others find.

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    No accesories. I mean, if you count Emperors Royal Guard capes as accesories, then yes, but no blasters or anything.

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