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Thread: Vader carry case story vintage

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    Vader carry case story vintage

    hello peoples ... I've not been on here in a long time. But had to share this story. so we all know how common the vader carry case is. at one point when I was buying collections I had 10 just laying around, gave most away ... was down to 1 about 4 years ago.. and at that point I didn't care if I had one in my collection so I gave it away. it had the white stickers with black wording but this is one I had from the early 90s when I first started collecting. so I put a different sticker in it from another case. it also had some odd sticker on the cover for the weapons. so to my shock at the local goodwill ... I see a case, I opened it up and .. you guessed it ... this case was very much the same one I had ... I didn't really want it .. but it felt like fate brought it back to me and karma etc. so I bought it ... how could I not? it's crazy the odds. I guess it's true love? i let it go and it came back ...

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    Lol, I guess it was meant to be. Great story!

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