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Thread: Help with a new batch of mystery guns?

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    Help with a new batch of mystery guns?

    I recently bought an eBay lot of weapons just for the DC Classics Deathstroke pistol that I was missing. Anyway, there are six guns that I can't ID. Any help appreciated!

    (Netflix Punisher's M4 and 1911 are shown at the bottom for scale.)

    Here are some close-ups:

    The M-14 is rubbery and the sculpt seems too soft for a Marvel Legends or DC Classics weapon. But who knows?

    #6 is small for 1:12 scale. Checked against all the female figures I could think of but can't find it. Maybe a True Heroes or Chap Mei item?

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    #3 is from POTF2 Hammerhead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo_Six View Post
    Thanks! Never had that version.
    You're welcome. It's a cool figure.

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    I'm thinking the two big silver guns may be Spawn related...
    Things I need
    6" IG-88, 4-LOM Titanium Boba Fett helmet
    Have: BF Shocktrooper, various TFA
    "Warning: If your Man is Iron for more than four hours, consult your Doctor Doom...

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    Thanks, Ill poke around and see what I can figure out!

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    Boom boom got em both with one shot. Halfway there!

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    1 and 2 are from the Spawn from Series 12 of the Spawn line, and #4 Is from the McFarlane Werewolf playset.

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