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Thread: Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization

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    Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization

    I have been looking really hard for any news regarding the novelization for Solo but I was not seeing anything. But today I searched on Amazon and found where it is going to be authored by Mur Lafferty and is scheduled for release on September 4, 2018. I will probably preorder it.

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    Strange that they release these Movie novelisations so late now.

    I will definitely be picking a copy up.

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    I agree. It is very strange that they wait so long. I understand not wanting spoilers but once the movie is released, the book should be made available. I remember back in February there was that big article about tie in novels and comics but it said nothing about the actual novelization. I just thought that was really bizarre...
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    since the sale/change SW books have been in a weird realm all their own, really unusual scheduling and cancelations

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    Excellent, I was going to ask last week if there was one coming out. Pre-ordered

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