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Thread: General Veers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ESBbobafett View Post
    In fact I don’t think anything I have ordered online ever came that quick and unexpectedly; the original BS Boba was pretty fast but still slow in comparison.

    Sharp photos? No photographer by a long shot, just another collector with a iPhone 7plus. I’m inspired by those in these forums who have the time, energy and creativity to take gorgeous action figure masterpieces.

    Custom Evazan is mine, not great it will currently do, but tanx anyway. Headsculpt is someone else’s great work and the figure is TFA Solo. Oh yeah, I dirtied up and did a small repaint of a Mafex Boba.
    Thanks for the Evazan recipe... & if the headsculptor's identity is on the downlow that's understandable.
    Again great photos (and respectable humility!)...and congrats on receiving your expedient Veers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooshmeister View Post
    Also, was Veers' hair that gray? I could've sworn it was brown.
    It definitely wasn't that light at the time. More of a sandy brown peppered with gray.

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