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Thread: "SERGEANT HOUND & GRIZZER" created by Elias of Customs for the Kid

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    "SERGEANT HOUND & GRIZZER" created by Elias of Customs for the Kid

    Here's one from Elias, the other half of Customs for the Kid.

    This was a clone trooper we have been wanting to get to for a long time now. Hound was an ARF Trooper sergeant of the Coruscant Guard who was stationed at the Republic military base during the Clone Wars. To make the figure we used the body from a Clone Wars Commander Wolffe action figure with a casted helmet that was sent to us by a friend. To finish the figure I just added the signature paint applications.

    In 20 BBY, shortly after the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar, Letta Turmond, who was responsible for planting the explosives, was taking into Republic custody at the Military base on Coruscant. After Turmond died, having believed to be murdered by Ahsoka Tano, Hound was part of the team that searched the base for Tano with his massiff, Grizzer. The massiff picked up on Tano's scent and led him towards her. However, she narrowly evaded them and escaped on top of the Geonosis monument. Hound later went with Grizzer and the others of his group to corner Tano.

    created by Elias

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    That's an awesome custom! I always enjoy seeing the various customs that you guys make. Keep up the awesome work and MTFBWY!
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    I just rewatched this episode the other day (such a heart-breaking arc) and found myself wondering why this clone was never made into an action figure. Like all if your CW customs, this one is beautiful and brilliant.
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