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Thread: TFA "Crusher Roodown"

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    TFA "Crusher Roodown"

    I'm ashamed to say it has been a long time since I have completed a project. A few false starts, and a couple of wips but nothing much to show.

    This action figure was made from a very rare cast figure model that was created by ASIS FILM MODELS. It was a limited edition cast and the sculpt is just amazing! When I saw Roodown in The Force Awakens, he was the first character that I knew I wanted an action figure of. Unfortunately, Hasbro never made him. Fortunately for me, ASIS FILM MODELS did. The cast was a lot of fun to paint and I really love the design of the cast. Unlike the majority of ASIS's offerings that are completely static, this cast actually has ball jointed shoulders. He looks great on display with all of our other Force Awakens action figures.

    We highly recommend the offerings of ASIS FILM MODELS.

    Links here:

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    It looks great.

    Glad to see you post something too guys. :{J
    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

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    oh man, what a beautiful figure. I love how much of a sourpuss he looks like. I'm sure I would be too if I had robo-arms and worked all day in the desert!

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