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Thread: 1970s Star War Figures. My husbandís.

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    1970s Star War Figures. My husbandís.

    Hello. When cleaning out my husbandís parentís house I found his and his siblingís Star Wars figures and toys. They were packed when my husband moved in junior high and were not unpacked until now. They are in amazing condition. Weíve finished cleaning out his parents house so I know we wonít find any more accessories. The last visit I did find two more guns that go with my original find and another figure. Since my husband and his siblings do not want the figures we plan to sell them. Please let us know what we should be asking the figures. I have a couple friends that work for Disney so Iím checking with them too. Thanks.

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    what is that belt on leia?

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    Lol. I never noticed Leia’s belt before. My husband said they used to use rubber bands as belts so they could strap the figure’s weapon to their side. I just assumed it was her belt. Luckily the rubber band is completely dry and lose and underneath looks perfect. Should I just pull off the band? The band looks so good and is such a cute story, I almost hate to take it off.

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    Found this under one figure’s capes.

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