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Thread: VC Mail-Away Ideas Thread

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    These are all good ideas, but none of them seem to be anything like what Hasbro is focusing on right now. If they did decide to do it, l think we’d see a “new media” character (like Kylo), but without the multiple parts and pack-ins. And it would definitely be a repack or rehash figure, like, well, Kylo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kneel_Before_Zod View Post
    I still want that Darth Vader funeral pyre that Hasbro teased 10 or 15 years ago.
    I still find this to be interesting also. It would be cool to have something offered that was unique, and kinda scene specific with a couple of figures that could be repacked.

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    If they choose to do a mail away, and it's a 8th version of Kylo, they'd end up with a bunch of dusty Kylo's in their warehouse. I'd hope they would offer one of Jabba's thugs that's never been released.
    Wish I could afford a Vintage MOC / AFA Tri Logo Boba Fett, but would love to get a HASBRO VC Tri Logo Boba Fett

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    I could be mistaking, or mis-remembering, but wasn't there a rumor back in 2011ish of a mail-away cantina band member on tvc card? If so, that'd be a cool idea. What I'd pray they don't do is re-visit the "secret: figure" mail-away (originally in 1979/80 was Bossk) but this time to cut costs have Hasbro reps go around to retailers and collect all the 2018 wv1 pegwarmers and randomly ship those out as a "secret" figure and to even make it worse, limit one character (not figure) per household/name/address so those that sent in for 15 secret figs will only get 15 Snokes, LOL
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    Vintage Carded Cantina Band member sounds great to me!
    Wish I could afford a Vintage MOC / AFA Tri Logo Boba Fett, but would love to get a HASBRO VC Tri Logo Boba Fett

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    I don’t remember exactly, but I think that the last time they did this was The Clone Wars Nahdar Vebb figure, the headstrong Mon Cal padawan guy. That was definitely a new and interesting figure. But things were much different in the toy industry back then. Today, it would be recycled peg-warmers and Kylos for sure! Also, if they did do this, they might decide to cut down on costs by just putting the guy in a small box, vintage style; I know that many of you would prefer something on card, but a box would work if it meant they could afford to do it.

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    Both retro rocket fett and proto fett came after. But yeah, I recall those little white figure boxes in the mail back in true vintage days. I guess ordering from tunghori on ebay is the closest thing to recreate those wonderful moments, LOL
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