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Thread: Doctor Aphra Comic Set - SDCC Exclusive

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    Not sure how 1977 Leia would go over now if she was a new character. As bent out of shape as people got over her giving Poe a old movie style slap and reyismaryzsuelulz, I can't imagine how they would handle her "verbal undressing" of just about every male character(except Kenobi) in A New Hope if it came out today.
    The complaining by the "vocal minority" wouldn't be as bad if every article written these days had to TELL us how strong, empowering etc these women are. I'm more than ok with strong female characters like Jyn, Leia etc. I'm annoyed that I have to be reminded of it at every turn. Lea's verbal undressing of Luke and Han in ANH would be lauded as some kind of revolution in film making these days.

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    EDIT: Forget it; I'm done.
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    It’s true that most old sci-fi was pretty chauvinistic, but I do think that Star Wars managed to avoid most of that. Anyway, I’ll definitely buy a carded Aphra if l can’t get the SDCC set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Internets View Post
    EDIT: Forget it; I'm done.
    No please...we really wanted to hear what you had to say.

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    all I can say is this set looks pretty cool lol

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