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Thread: my Harbert card

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    my Harbert card

    Here my little collection wen i was child...all cards is open but in good condition...i was a good child NOT FOR SALE please

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    Sweet Italian stallion pieces! If you run across another Caccia Ala-X , carded , or card back please keep me informed, I still need that one. Also any action figure cardbacks , as I'm lacking those in my card back collection
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    WTB:any ESB Rebel Soldier Proof card
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    Wow, you don't see those very often. You'll be able to add a Darth vader to that set pretty easily - even MOC - as there are a few around.

    Been looking for a DV Tie Fighter card and bubble (or MOC) myself for a while. One day...

    Looking for Darth Vader items from all around the world.
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    thank you for to complete my post the bad open cards that i have from my past.....

    ...But i love too!!!!

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    I have a Jedi warrior figure and it is a gift from my friends. Want to collect more in the future.
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