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Thread: Trading SW, TF; LF TF 3rd party or KO

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    Trading SW, TF; LF TF 3rd party or KO

    Dead End
    Off Road

    Air raid
    Alpha bravo. (Broken tab)

    Last Knight WM Hot Rod

    Titans Sluggslinger

    Hallmark Glass blown Vader $10
    Hallmark Glass blown Fett $10
    Hallmark Yoda $5

    2012 Disney BAD R6 (retired) $30
    Kotos no box
    Yoda Kotobukiya $40
    Phasma Kotobukiya $30
    Obi wan Kotobukiya $100 ( hand is broken, still works)

    GG no boxes unless marked.
    Tie fighter classic $20
    Kit Fisto classic $20

    Shea Vizla #45 $150 no card
    Obiwan $30
    Deluxe Clone Trooper $40 no card (boxed)

    Black Series
    Gree $45
    Qi'ra $28

    Boussh $10
    Thire $10

    Proto Fett $10
    Tusken raider $10
    Sandtrooper $10

    Chewie $20
    Vader $10

    3-3/4 figures are as is, most are not complete with weapons.
    Dutch - black $10
    Wedge - OTC $10
    Biggs - black $5

    Jawas - CW - $10 for all 3
    Ellors Madak $8
    Hem Dazon $12
    Jerjerrod $10
    Tie Fighter evolutions $10
    Scorch $10
    Jodo Kast $20
    Tac airborne trooper $10 ea
    Utapua clone $9
    Shaak ti $13

    Saga 2004 Cantina pieces x6 8ea
    Corner piece $8

    Bean Bunny as Wicket Warrick $10
    St Vincent Stamps
    Sheet of 9 $9
    Strip of 3 $3

    Prices are not shipped.

    Trading Loyal Subjects Animated Swoop for either Slug or Sludge or one of the combaticons. Open to some other trades for a few.

    Looking for

    Knockoff Perfect effects 9 and 10 for Bruticus. (Grey)

    Alternators. Must be complete. Open to several. Swindle is the top one.

    JB Devastator. I have zero right now and will buy the parts direct if need be.

    I'm looking for quality KOs. Not necc high end 3rd party.
    Open to NBK Devastator parts as well.
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