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Thread: SDCC 2018 Jumbo Boba Fett (Return of the Jedi) figure

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediJones77 View Post
    Is it still up on the site? I can't find it. What section did you guys find it in?

    I know they said it'll be up at 12 noon tomorrow and the next day as well, so at this point I assume they took it down for today already. But I just signed up for Premier Guild late last week so I'm not sure if it's all set up yet.
    I signed up for PG yesterday and then ordered two minutes later. You should be setup. Of you follow the link from email it may say forbidden. Just login and then refresh and it will load.

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    OK I didn't realize the e-mail had a link. When you search the site or go to the exclusives category it's not there. But clicking the "picture" in the e-mail takes you to the product page still. Why can't they just put an actual link? I don't know to click borderless pictures. I don't expect that kind of thing to be a link. SMH

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    OK I got it on the restock. Pre-order button appeared about 2:58 PM ET.

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    Signed up yesterday for PG Gold, and ordered ROTJ Fett at 3pm today. The $100 membership charge comes with the choice of a "free" jumbo figure, which unless I really like what's offered, it will go on ebay to recoop some cash. I was hoping they would tweak the figure to a lighter shade like the tri-logo version, but had to order this anyways because I'm a Fett collector.
    Wish I could afford a Vintage MOC / AFA Tri Logo Boba Fett, but would love to get a HASBRO VC Tri Logo Boba Fett

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    Pretty much a disappointing SDCC exclusive. SO many other figures could be made. I was hoping for an Imperial Dignitary to go with the Emperor or another POTF figure w/ coin.
    Aim for Heaven and you'll get earth thrown in. Aim for earth and you'll get neither.

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    just picked this up...not sure why the site said pre-order would be at 12pm pst and its up now. not that I care...nice and easy to pre-order.

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    So I took the plunge and signed up for the gold account last night. Bib Fortuna isn’t my favourite but he is a must for Jabba if they release him.

    I ordered Fett @ 12:30 EST. I used to have the Rocket Firing one but wasn’t happy with the way the chest sort of collapsed in on it so I sold it.

    Now I am totally going to order an Emperor lol.

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    They should have done white Proto-Fett. Someone on Ebay made a custom one that was beautiful.

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    Very nice. I won't be surprised if we get another general release Fett soon.
    "He's no good to me dead."-Boba Fett

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