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Thread: Publication/Newspaper oversized photos

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    Publication/Newspaper oversized photos

    I was told that these photos were sent out in 1977 to newspaper, publication, and ad companies for use in their papers. I was also informed that they are oversized and would be cropped to whatever the company wanted size wise. They each have their own number on the bottom border of the photo and on the back of Vader's it has some writing on it. There each 8x10. I don't know if this is really what they are but looking for some verification or some insight to what they are.

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    Looking for any help/knowledge on these.

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    I don't remember ever seeing these pictures on ads.
    He's no good to me open!

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    I found this newspaper with Vader c3po and R2 on it, showing how the photos would be cropped to whatever size they needed for the paper. Hope this helps out

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