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Thread: Star wars boxes sets, vehicles, and figures

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    Star wars boxes sets, vehicles, and figures


    Power of the force boxed sets: $10 ea

    Rebel pilots
    Purchase of the droids
    Jabba the hutt dancers
    Jabba skiff guards
    Mynock hunt
    Death star escape
    Cantina aliens
    Jedi spirits
    Cantina showdown

    Tatoine skiff w/jabba' skiff guards $100

    Y-wing fighter w/ pilot (trilogy collection) $75

    Jabba's Rancor w/ Luke (legacy collection) $60
    Jabba's rancor w/Luke (power of the force) $40

    Bantha w/ Tusken raider (power of the force) $40

    Disturbance at lars homestead (legacy collection) $75

    Wedge antilles X wing starfighter (legacy collection) $125

    Bounty hunter pack (saga collection) $45
    Death star briefing (saga collection) $120

    Ecliptic tie fighter (legacy collection) $50

    Death star trench run (TRU Exclusive) $150
    Rise of boba fett ultimate battle pack (TRU exclusive) $175

    feel free to ask for pics as i am still adding to this post in the nex few days as well

    Matt Foster
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