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Thread: Unproduced droid and ewok prototype value.

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    Unproduced droid and ewok prototype value.

    Some of the hardest figures and most underrated figures (in terms of rarity) would be the unproduced droids and ewoks.

    I have seen a few coins for sale and some droids figures for sale (FOR ASTRONOMICAL PRICES).

    Is there an exact value for these elusive figures?
    Are the carded ones next to priceless?
    Who are the rarest?
    What are the chances of getting one under $10k?
    Does it depend on the figure?
    Is bondo the easiest to obtain?

    Sorry for the cheesy questions, but i have never seen alot of these for sale.

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    Ewoks in general seem to come for sale more often than droids. I think I've seen every Ewok for sale the last two years.
    Mon Jupa has changed hands every year lately.
    Vlix you can see go every year.
    Kleb I've seen from now and then.
    Admiral Screed I've only seen once for sale the last years.

    Value. depends if it's a painted hardcopy or not. But I dont see any First Shot Ewok go over 10k. Maybe if it's one of the rarer with all weapons. Prices start at 6k and goes upwards towards an unknown number.
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