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Thread: New Star Wars Solo cards

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    New Star Wars Solo cards

    I got two Hobby boxes of Topps cards for the new Solo set. Each box had a complete set of the base cards, so that's good. However, I'm still looking for cards for some of the chase/insert sets. Has anyone else started getting these cards? It's amazingly quiet out there.

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    Im drooling to finally find the packs at target. I will get a few just to get an impression about the whole set. (plus, to burn those silly DENNYS coupons)

    If I like them, I'll go all in, and purchase a few hobby boxes. I don't like how AldenE. is absent from the autographs list, tho.
    I don't want another han who's got a problem doing autos


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    This set is all about pictures of the actors, with almost nothing about the actual story. I suspect we will get another set down the line that will have scenes from the movie and better autographs. It's just typical of the approach Topps usually uses.

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    Unless Topps is contractually obligated to produce a second set, i don't see them making one. Box prices have already dropped under $69 and the set only came out two weeks ago

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    Have you guys actually found Solo cards at Target?I have been looking at my Targets since I got the coupons at Dennys. I have yet to see any boxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xusia View Post
    Have you guys actually found Solo cards at Target?I have been looking at my Targets since I got the coupons at Dennys. I have yet to see any boxes.
    I picked up a box of 16 cards for $5 and saw the $20 boxes, but no single packs at a local Target just a few days ago. But the other Target that I frequent hasn't had these yet.

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    Hit two more Targets today and found the 10 pack boxes...Finally!! I bought one. The patch was nothing special, but I had a question about the cards. I got 11 duplicates and 1 triplicate out of sixty cards, but they are not true duplicates. The cards are identical, but the card texts have different color backgrounds. The card numbers are the same...Is this a way for collectors to go nuts collecting all the colors but producing less cards?
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    Those are the parallels. There are at least 6 different parallel colors for each base card. Topps hopes to get you to buy more cards to try to complete the parallels, or at least get one of each. I generally just try to choose one card number and try to get one of each parallel for that number, but it isn't easy since the red and gold ones are very rare.

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    Anyone up to trade to complete their sets? I need one more Argus 6 eyes from the Solo Denny cards too if anyone has one. I'll post my Solo cards needs later if anyone is interested.

    Would love to get my hands on a Hotwheels 2015 Celebration exclusive R2-KT
    And Hotwheels 2016 Celebration Europe - Boba Fett/ white prototype

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    My Solo set is complete, but I've got some extras that might help you out. Let us know what you need.

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