We are incredibly excited to announce a Very Rare opportunity! We just secured a Private Signing With Glenn Randall Jr.! Best known for his work on Raiders of The Lost Ark as the wrench wielding mechanic, or as Boba Fett on Jabba's Sail Barge in Return of The Jedi.

You can Send-In your own items or choose from the photo options we have available. Most of the photos we have avaialble will work up to 11x14 in size . Send-In Deadline is July 12th. If you're mailing in items, please send them right away to assure they are received in time.

Pricing: 8x10's, 11x14's & 12x18's will be $35 each. FS posters will be $45 each. (Photo Cost & Return Shipping will be additional.) Personalizations and inscriptions are available, but are limited so message us to reserve.

This is a very limited signing we are only offering 100 items signed in total and have around 35 spots taken.

If you have any questions or you would like to reserve your spot, please PM me or comment below to express interest.

I still havent figured out how to add pictures on here but if you message me i can send them in pms or email them to you.

Stay tuned for more private signing announcements coming up!

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