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Thread: Trip to Skellig Island / Ahch-to

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    Trip to Skellig Island / Ahch-to

    Hi, I‘m not sure if this is the right section, I couldn‘t find one for trips to movie locations.

    I recently travelled to Ireland and also made a trip to the Skellig Islands, better known as Ahch-to from SW7+8.
    You can book boat trips to the island but it depends on the weather if you really can go.
    We were lucky and had nice weather and the sea was calm.
    It‘s very nice there and you really can see most of the places from the movie like the „practice stone“ or the huts ant the pathways.
    We brought some lightsabers an figures to make photos.

    Funny thing, when we reached the top, I saw two guys dresses like jedis!
    So I took my red lightsaber out and attacked them.
    We had big fun!
    They were from Boston and even brought a pork plush toy.

    And even more funny, the next day, when we were driving to Dublin for a visit, we stopped at a gas station maybe 60miles from the Island.
    I justed stopped filling petrol in our hire car when I heard someone shout „hey Sith!“.
    I turned around and saw the two jedis from Boston sitting there eating icecream, making a stop there from a bike trip.
    Or was the force strong in us?
    Anyway, here are the photos:

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    Awesome trip!!! Thanks for posting pics!!
    There is no disgrace in getting old, it is just damned inconvenient.
    My Feedback!

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    I smiled. thanks for that.
    "Is there anyone on this ship, who even remotely, looks like Satan?" -- James Kirk, U.S.S. Enterprise.

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