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    Collection Price

    Unfortunately going to be post most of my collection for sale as a lot soon and wanted some feedback on my price. I am going to list this as one lot for $3000. I think its a decent price even if you are going to resell the stuff but maybe I'm wrong.

    Rebel Command Center (Backdrop has some staining and the figure baggies have been opened)
    Klaatu 65 back
    Ree Yees Tuskuda 65 back
    POTF Yoda dented bubbles w/ acrylic case
    POTF Han Trench Coat Small crack in bubble
    POTF Luke Xwing pilot
    POTF Trilogo Security Scout
    Land Speeder Special Offer ( Box, insert, speeder, catalog and both loose figures)
    Burger King Darth Vader Standee

    Starlog 4,5,7,9,10,13,14,15,17,18,19,21,23,25,26,31,33,34, 35,36,37,40,41,51,58,67,69, 71,74,76,93,142 yearbook 1 and vol 1, the best of starlog 1,5,6, starlog scrapbook 1.
    Amazing Heroes 13
    Monsters 142
    Star Wars Spectacular
    Star Wars tech journal
    Star Wars 20th Anniversary
    Fantastic Films aug 78,apr 78,oct 80, jun 81, Aug 82
    Star Wars Collector 1,2
    Star Wars poster mounthly
    ROTJ storybook
    Ghostbusters movie book
    Last Star Fighter comic
    Cinefantastique sept 84 Dune
    Asimov's sf Adv mag 1
    ROTJ portfolio

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    over 200 views and no one has an opinion.

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    Hi SW,

    Perhaps some photos could help us better to judge your stuff.

    I could only tell you my opinión on the vintage figures. You could get easily 2000USD for them but, of course, It's imprtant to see their condition

    Hope this helps,


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