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Thread: Have.. Revan PGM Statue... Want to trade.

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    Have.. Revan PGM Statue... Want to trade.

    Hello everyone. I received my PGM Revan statue in the mail the other day and my Luke Stormtrooper disguise jumbo. I'm looking to trade for a McQuarrie Chewbacca bust or the first kneeling Vader statue with the light-up feature. I'm also helping a friend sell many gentle giant busts,.. so if there's anything you guys are looking for please just let me know. It is much easier to reach me on Facebook.. Derek Shriver in Illinois. You'll know it's the right guy when you see my background picture. It's me with Jabba at Celebration Orlando. Let me know what you want to trade for guys and gals... Unless you want to buy then let me know what you're interested in and I'll shoot you prices once I get them from the guy I'm selling this stuff for.

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    Sold... Please lock it up

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    Not sold! Buyer has disappeared... Non-payment and no response. Back up for trade or sale. Asking $300 shipped in the US... That's current going price. Will do straight trade as well.

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