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Thread: Blue snaggletooth for yak face. Fair trade?

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    Blue snaggletooth for yak face. Fair trade?

    Is blue snaggletooth for yak face still a fair trade? Does it depend on where you live? Prices in your area?

    I am looking for cheaper ways to get the somewhat elusive yak face.

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    I think a yak very slightly outvalues a blue snag of equal condition.

    That said, you could probably find someone who's willing to do it.

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    Depends what price you place on each of them.

    While the one may be more valuable than the other, the ease of doing a trade with a fellow collector with a good trading rep takes away the hassle of wondering if your figure will arrive or if they will swap it out and send you a beater. That has an intrinsic value in itself that can't be understated.

    What value do you see them at each ?
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    Lots of factors like condition, weapons, variation, etc., but overall if you are comparing apples to apples here and $ for $.. I'd say the Yak is worth more than the snaggletooth most days. You just don't see as many out there. While both get the $ these days, and both are MUST HAVES for any vintage collection.. in the future I'd see the Yak going up in value more so than the snaggletooth, but that's just my opinion.

    Plus, try finding a carded Yak in decent shape anywhere.. only ever seems to be one or two on ebay at any given time.
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    I think a Yak is more valuable then a blue snaggletooth in the same condition. Of course, in Europe, maybe not. I had a Blue Snaggletooth long before I ever had a Yak because of the perceived rarity here in the US. I don't know if there were an Sears Stores in Europe in 1978, so maybe the Blue Snag in Europe is the more valuable figure. But as of right now, I think Yak edges out Blue Snag.

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    i think an average yak does indeed price a little higher
    however I have seen minty yaks cased up afa85 not go for near as much as a blue snag. cased up w an 85 grade

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