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Thread: Top 10/15 Must Haves in a Collection figures - what am I missing

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    Top 10/15 Must Haves in a Collection figures - what am I missing

    Much like Marvel figures, my collecting habits are primarily based on Movie versions.

    I'm currently looking at putting together a small (10-15 figures on each side max) collection of Joe and Cobra figs so looking for suggestions. Here's where I am so far:

    ROC armoured Scarlett -got
    ROC Hawk - got
    ROC Sgt Stone- got
    ROC Cover Girl- got
    ROC Agent Helix - got
    Retaliation Ultimate Duke - ordered from the US
    Retaliation Ultimate Flint - ordered from the US
    Retaliation Snake Eyes got
    And whilst I know they're not movie figs, I've got a Lt Falcone and ordered an Outback as they fit in.

    ROC Dr Lewis - got
    ROC Baroness - got
    ROC Storm Shadow-got
    ROC Destro - got

    So the challenge for you folks is what is missing.

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    It's very subjective, but imo no Joe collection should be without a Roadblock, Cobra Commander, or Firefly. And obviously your baddies need some troopers...

    Furthermore, as a long time Joe fan, I would also suggest that no matter how many figures you end up with, one Snake Eyes is not enough!

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