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Thread: Going Somewhere Solo?

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    Too bad they did not do a bust of the actual actor who played Solo, but some half Asian cosplayer instead.

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    I do think he (Han) looks a little off in most of the pictures but towards the end of the one’s they’ve shown us I can see the likeness there.
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    Human actors are always very tough. I have mentioned it in other threads, I own 3 human actor busts and two have helmets and visors on, the other one is bearded. That makes them decent IMO. Now conversely in 1/6 statues I think GG nailed the likeness of Zam Wesell and Padme, so it can be done. But even there, Zam has a helmet on and Padme a hoodie LOL.
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    Pre-ordered the Han/Chewie bundle. After all the discounts were applied, including using my one time $15 off code (Which essentially gave me free shipping), I ended up paying just under $181.00. About $90 apiece. Not too shabby.
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    Really enjoyed the film and ordered the set (alongside re-upping my PGM membership).

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    Saw the movie again today. Gotta say I liked it a lot better this time. My score for it has gone from a 5 to an 8 ! Think I was tired the first time seeing it , and it was 3D. This time I saw a regular screening of it. Much better. Anybody else unimpressed like I was , I suggest giving it another try. Pretty good movie !

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