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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_Macbeth View Post
    Oh, you so know you deviate from that rule all the time now! Lol!

    In any case, if it's 6" BS, I'm picking it up. Yes, my bank account hates me. Yes, the wall and floor space in my condo is slowly disappearing. But, do I care? Nope. Bring. It. On.
    Hahaha, well - that was the original plan. Aliens, droids and bad guys.

    I now own tons of humans! And now with the realistic face paint, there's no real reason not to anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DANDALORIAN View Post
    I think I might gamble on getting L3, Val, and Beckett at a discount after their release. I always buy the figures I want as soon as I can but I have a feeling these will be $10-15 on Amazon eventually. I loved the movie but I learned a tough lesson with the Rogue One figures.

    Of course, they could be Baze and Chirrut of this movie so it's a total gamble.
    I'm in the same place. I wouldn't mind owning Baze and Chirrut, and don't have any burning desire to own them, but still am a little bummed they weren't easily available for standard retail when I keep seeing Jyns and Cassians.

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    The figure looks cool, but the character is aweful. I would have to think about it if someone paid me to take it. You know, for 30 years now I've been wondering if Lando would have a relationship with a droid... now I know. Haited L3 is an understatement.
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