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Thread: Custom Eadu/Sniper Jyn Erso

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    Custom Eadu/Sniper Jyn Erso

    The other night my wonderful wife picked up a second Jyn Erso figure from the store. Iwanted the Vintage cardback but also a second figure for this custom based on Jyn's scenes at Eadu and some of the concept art.

    The recipe was rather easy, 5 POA Eadu Jyn and SA Vintage Jyn with some minor modifications. I had to cut the poncho down one side to it would fit over the torso. Also applied some glue to the head ball and let it dry solid to increase the width of the ball peg because the 5POA head's socket is too wide. Fairly easy overall, plus I think this likeness is actually the best one.

    The breath mask also makes for a great little accessory.

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    That looks good. I did the same thing, but with a lot of patience and a lot of heat, you can actually get the poncho on without any cutting at all.
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