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Thread: Custom Yoda

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    Custom Yoda

    I customized this 3 3/4 scale Yoda using a clone wars Yoda body, a POTF2 Head and hands, and a handmade robe and cane.
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    Looks fantastic!

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    Very nice work! I love a good OT Yoda custom!

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    Daaaang, that's cool!

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    That is Yoda! I love his expression, I can imagine a disapproving shake of the head. I still like the POTF2 head - all the new sculpts are way too small.
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    Oh wow! That came out nice! I need to try this I think I've got all the parts.

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    Looks great.

    Suggestion: You can view your images there on google and copy and paste their URL and use "Insert Image" and paste the link in that.

    This way the photos show here and there's no need for the link. :{J
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    Excellent custom! The robe looks good rather than overwhelming him as with some of the Hasbro ones; and as StarAlien70 has said, it's good to see the head being the right size in relation to the body.
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