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    This very topic seems to illustrate perfectly AGAIN why there should be a dedicated SOLO forum. At the very least to avoid the confusion that's going to be coming because of releases like this very one.

    In the TLJ line we got an unmasked Kylo Ren basic figure. The version with the helmet was released with the Force Link gauntlet.

    Now we're in the Force Link 2.0 era, and a good number of TLJ figures are already being reissued, but with Force Link 2.0 technology. The unmasked Kylo Ren is already making the rounds on the SOLO card with Force Link 2.0 upgrade. Plus there's the masked version that is being also being released as a basic figure... again with Force Link 2.0 tech.

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    I don't really think it's that confusing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HothHan View Post
    I don't really think it's that confusing.
    It's a different line look. That's always been the measuring stick for a different line/forum. That distinction is already being made in the Rebelscum Photo Archive. Enough already...

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    I dont care for the for the forcelink, so I never got this version. Will pick it up when I see it.

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    I saw the SOLO Kylo today with the mask on. Easy pass since I have about 5 versions of him already.
    Wish I could afford a Vintage MOC / AFA Tri Logo Boba Fett, but would love to get a HASBRO VC Tri Logo Boba Fett

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